I annoyed the Popular Girls as much as possible

Publicerades den 16 aug 2020
I used to be extremely popular, but I had to skip town for a while due to some trouble. When I come back, the cliques have changed, as has the power dynamic. I don't know what to do without my reputation, so now I'm a desperate tryhard, and I'm trying to get back in with the mean girls. This is Episode's Reign, Part 1.
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  • Cute video


  • Hi

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  • What is this game called


  • Me playing episode. Crush asks if I want to go to one of her lacrosse games. Answers: There’s no way I’d miss something that means so much to you! 💎 29 I’m in, but not for the lacrosse. 💎 29 No. 💎 0 Me who has no gems: HOW WILL THEY EVERY GET TOGETHER?!?!

    • Never mind its bad again.

    • Never mind this question cuz instead of driving me home she took me to the game XD

  • Glomp: "Bye Boone (Idiot) Me after watching that: lol

  • why'd you name your self glomp

  • Please play rule breaker!

  • My names Lydia it feels weird

  • btw nice vids GloOm

  • She literally spends money on fake boys... so proud.

  • how many of us r watching at 10 pm

  • Do more episode with norarose.. pleaseeee like if you agree 👇🏻

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  • At this point why isn’t Kassie Episodes Sponsor

  • Poor Boone.

  • ALL THEM SUS THO. You guys should try Amoung Us.

  • i love your vids gloom your the the best!

  • What’s this story in episode called

  • YOU sooo funny like sssnipperwolf

  • she should do: it started with a bra.. I think thats what it is its been a while.

  • Love these


  • My name is Lydia

  • Oh my gosh I love your videos you should start making all the videos you can

  • Emily do be actin sus tho

  • What is the games name 😄

  • SO.... her Charater's name is Glomp Womps??

  • hjbbnm

  • What is that game I want it

  • I have this game

  • Can there be a part 2

  • Is there a part Three on Why Me?

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  • I love you so very much and I love what you do 💞❤️💖❣️💟💓💗💕

  • what the heck are you going to do

  • umm r u and that girls friends or sisters or.....?

  • Wait, what is this game called?

  • Right because she has did so much of this episode stuff

  • I stopped right when the girl who's the voice of the other characters rolled her eyes and she had no Eyes, only the white part

  • Oh my gosh, they literally could be on some acting thing. I *love* their voice acting so much lol.

  • Where do you find these games?

  • This is so entertaining don't know why

  • She really be naming her glomp

  • Video is the most boring video ever

    • I wish I never saw this video😨

  • Boone is with her sister

  • BTW who is the other lady

  • OK I agree but you like sakuke so yeahhh here

  • Boone: Come on, I’ll walk you out Kassie: But my cocktail is still full!!!

  • Brain size doesn't have anything to do with how smart you are just saying.

  • I only play Episode Bc of Kassie/gloom

  • whatever Lydia I’ll push you off this balcony - Gloom 2020 😂😂

  • ... I played this episode a while agoo.....

  • Don't trust emilia she's not who you think she is

  • I love your guys shirts The are sooo pretty😌😌

  • i miss the hello neighbor videos 😭😖

  • gloom could you tell me the stories name. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  • Hello

  • This is literally the concept of Gossip Girl

  • Who else thinks Boone is with Emilia

  • Hello I love you and this is my first Time

  • what is the episode story called?? please do tell me!!!

  • Who's watching this in 2020! :D

  • Who’s Amelia?

  • You should listen to the song pretty girl i think u might like it

  • I know right on Facebook laptop or tablet

  • I am sorry but this whole story is racist i... please throw it away but I love your channel

  • lol

  • Do you know she doesn’t

  • Who is the other girl you are both beautiful 😘😘😘😘😘

  • Wait gloom is by?!

  • Ok Who suggested the story "Reign" like I love that story!!!

  • Who else low key kinda hated the Bree voice

  • What is this story's name?

  • I hate the girl u chose to game with😡💢

  • Op

  • I think he’s together with Emily but... I thought it was Bree for a sec but it’s obviously Emily

  • What is name of this episode?

  • TAKIS TAKIS TAKIS now the takis monster is coming after me and I will eat it

  • my name is lydia

  • I bet Glomp's sister is Boone's special someone c:

  • Kassie um can make contant other than episode stuff im not allowed to watch it sooo, Ya plz do different contant like kartha or like other with azzy. Thank i would appriciate it.🙏🙏

  • Can you please continue that story with theo ...............

  • My name is Emilia but spelled like Amelia

  • What story is this

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  • What's the name of this story •~•

  • What is the name of this story

  • What's name this game?

  • What game is this?

  • 👱‍♀️👧👩‍🦰👗👠👠🛍🛍🕶❤❣💍💄📿👑👢👢🎩👒👨👦👕👖🧦🧣🧤👟👟 Hehehe Hahaha

  • Hello random person Can u give me some diamonds in royal high? User:Miku81612990 I’m not a beggar I’m doing it for a vid Tehe

  • When ur names actually bree 😂😂

  • i LiKe SpAgGeTtI!!

  • i completed love on fire and i got married i picked asher

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