I made the MEAN GIRLS as mad as possible

Publicerades den 28 jun 2020
You wanted it, so we're putting our bad girl hats on and it's Episode, Crossing the Line Part 2! I know it's a long one haha but I hope you enjoy it!
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  • Can you please tell the name of the game pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Def mee

  • Gloom is so pretty, prettier than the girls in the game!

  • the people who disliked this video, thought that the thumbs down meant it was awesome!

  • some boy said i am chessey and i am 8

  • Watching this Video made me loose a teeth Not jk

  • ???

  • Are gloom and Azzy still best friends

  • Part 3 ?

  • Why does gloom have so many lovers

  • "WE COULD EAT CAKE!" me: Honey, that's cupcake

  • When she made that face when Benny came or whatever I almost choked 😂😂

  • Kassie: " i pAYed gEms FoR tHIs"

  • Oh my gosh I am totally in love with the story thank you very much gloom ❤️😍😘💋🎊🎉

  • No one: Gloom: “that’s why she’s my friEEeEeEnd!”


  • What game is this?

  • Ngl you kinda look like Sam in same and cat

  • Why is betnley always shirtless?

  • Victoria shows up to gloom and bentley at the sunset Kassie: Ew Me: Lolll

  • SOMEONE BROKE THE GIRL CODE !!!.hint:gloom

  • I love u gloom your MiNe I- um

  • Im waiting for when gloom ask for gems Terry would be like 'no your always waiting my money '

  • I just love it that she gets sooo excited over this and then when she runs out of gems she a meltdown😂😂😂😂

  • Her boy voice impressions are so funny !!

  • Kassie bits 😂😂 it's so cute

  • When she said google my google turnde on

  • yo i am that friend

  • i think bentley is a chad

  • also do “my tempting mistake” BRUH I CANT EVEN-

  • um, are those, FAKE freckles....

  • They make me happy

  • Do more episodes

  • Go gril

  • Hi everyone who’s watching this in 2020 and who thinks gloom should make another video well another episode of this like so many more

  • Terry is sitting there taking notes about what gloom likes

  • whats the game called

  • I just started this love on fire thing and I can't get enough Make more please

  • me

  • hahahaha

  • next episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • this is like the weirdest thing in the world but i have two upholstered chairs in my house WITH THE FREAKIN SAME PATTERN AS the swim trunks bentley was wearing at 5:11

  • i love your channel gloom

  • Your freckles are on point

  • gloom: dOnT yOu hAtE wHeN pEoPle GoOgLe yOu bEfOrE tHeY KnOw YoU

  • gloom: I hAtE GuYs WhO yOu CaNt BulLy >:(

  • I love the hair flip and walk! get it girl!!!

  • What is this story called

  • This is how much gloom ask her boyfriend to buy gems 👇


  • I want another one fast pls thx Evan tho I can read it by myself it's just cos you are funny😉

  • Is there a part 3

  • I love how you make faces at things like at 9:54 i laugh every time

  • I hate boys like this bc you can't BULLY THEMMM

  • Tyty

  • 14:41

  • 6:35

  • I play that game

  • Love your video's soooooooo must

  • Peep that kassie had purple on when poppy did and another time she had yellow and poppy did too

  • Gloom: ofc he likes you idiot Me:uhh your kind of talking about yourself so you just called yourself a idiot(srry if it was mean🙁)

  • Sooooooooooo cute

  • Hi boys so cute but as cute as my boyfriend

  • Kassie touches her hair all theee time

  • This is how many times gloom touched her hair 👇❤️

  • Love ❤️

  • Benny on the bonfire:(つ .•́ _ʖ •̀.)つ Glooooooommm:༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ *still runs*

  • 6:01 my uncle is just like this he makes us so late

  • nice freckles!

  • Idk why but hearing the name, “Bentley Banks” just always makes me laugh. Like when she said, “BENTLY FREAKING BANKS!!!!” i fell out of my chair laughing

  • Continue


  • When gloom got so excited because he got invited

  • My step dads aunt is really rich and lives in a mansion by my houes and she is a member at the country club

  • Saaaaame i also break girl code 🍾🍾🍾


  • Lol. I swear thats me asking my baby for diamonds XD

  • yes

  • Only the left thumb nothing but the LEFT thumb

  • I played this game and I loved it!

  • I actually played this episode, thank you gloom, for letting me see how its like to have so much gems XD

  • I ship Preston and Victoria

  • lol my name is Leilah and hers is to mine is spelled different though

  • My name is Layla but the spelling of my name is Laila

  • My names layla that was very mean of you to do my voice like that

  • am i the only one who had to keep pausing the vid cause they kept cringing no just me ok continue scrolling threw the cmts

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😹😹😹

  • Crossing the line with my brother 😵😂😂

  • No one: Gloom: hI pOpPy!!!!

  • Does anyone notice her roots of her hair are black? Is her natural hair black?

  • She looks so funny when she does the Layla’s voice

  • Wanna know something funny? I was at a friend’s and I was using her bathroom. I was also watching this video, that the toilet brand name was Sterling. Some I thought was funny

  • what story are you on

  • What is that game called I NEED TO PLAY IT NOW TELL ME !!!!!!!!!

  • do a house tour

  • do more

  • what is that face though 9:52 9:55

  • :'(embarrassed:'( is typin'

  • Which one episode story is this? I want to play, too, but I don't know which one

  • hey i drew you as a human wolf