Match the Pet To the Owner (Cut Reaction)

Publicerades den 12 apr 2021
Can you tell the type of person who would own a snake? A pig? A goat? Do animals even have a type of owner? Let's try to guess right meow (sry).
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  • What if I have a pet turtle?

  • I have hedgehog they are the cutest things ever and oh my gosh my hedgehog Girl: I don’t like rodents

  • One of my best friends has 2 goats

  • My mom had a pig when she was a kid

  • i am wierd wow i own a turtle

  • Did he just say “petted”

  • Ok no my freinds sis owns a snake oh well she’s wierd

  • Also sorry for spam but pigs are cute

  • I don’t look like my pets tbh

  • I had a smooth earth snake named pretty once, I had to let them go because they hibernate and she was a wild snake

  • Lol my parents had a pig and love bacon (note the pig would eat bacon)

  • I have a corigi puppy

  • Him: PeOpLe WhO oWn RaTs LoOk LiKe ThEy DoNt ShOwEr OfTeN Me owning a rat:..........😐

  • I’m weird I own a leopard gecko

  • my crushish has a bearded dragon!

  • I like how the guy who was being all cocky got like- Hardly any right, while the guy who was just acting somewhat anxious and nervous got almost all of them right

  • I own a gecko and im somewhat weird but- 😳 10:17 i thought this part was funny-

  • I want a corgi so bad or a turtle or both

  • iTs A sOnIc

  • also 1 bearded dragon


  • My friend, a super sweet, gentle, animal and plant loving photographer owns a snake and she’s not weird at all. I can see why the stereotype says so though, her brothers weird XD

  • If afraid of snakes, but don’t mean there bad. Also, just /bc snake bad, don’t mean owner is bad.

  • Gloom: i don't really get it when you say your a animal person but you only had a shirt experience with pets. Me: I am a animal owner. 😂 . here are a list of pets I used to have. 1toad 4parakeets 3leafbugs 2goldfishes 3cats 1dog (I think I'm gonna get anither one tho.)

  • That dude was super judgmental. I own 8 reptiles and I have a normal life


  • My first pet was a pig

  • Who here is a vegetarian

  • That pig made the sound of pain and the 7 deadly sins they need a new owner

  • True story: When I was 8 at my school an exotic pet owner brought in some animals and they picked me to hold the Tarantula and I ✨DROPT IT✨ And ✨screamed✨

  • I HATE bAcOn

  • Angie I have a friend called Anige *sorry don’t know how to spell the name*

  • Watching this vid with a gecko on my head

  • also bothe of our dogs are brown and my whole family has brown hair

  • i love rodents

  • i have 2 guinea pigs who both have some brown that looks kinda like my hair coler

  • I LOVE SNAKE"S!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lol

  • PLZ do more of theese vidios!! I was laughing my head off when everyone was calling each other "Weirdos"

  • I got them all right

  • That’s why boa constrictors are called boa constrictor because they constrict their prey

  • Gloom: snakes don’t cuddle Me: Take. It. Back.

  • I have a bearded dragon, and I'm not weird.... I think....

  • Um btw I own lizards and that’s kinda mean and I’m not wired and bearded dragons are the cutest things

  • Gloom “she took it without hands.” Me “does she mean without gloves”

  • im a very small 10 yo with a husky 3 times the size of me so i dont think i look like my pet lol

  • I am in The Huffle puff house

  • the guy with the pig has sweaty pits

  • i love cat

  • Wait what happened to twinke 😩

  • the goat is the 1st person on the right. The Hedgehog one is the 3d one on the right. the pig is the 2d one on the left. the parrot is the 2d one on the right. the snake is the 1st person on the left. the bearded dragon is the 3d person on the left.


  • I own a rat and I shower every other night rat owners don’t all have bad hygiene.

  • We have owned every animal here EXCEPT the is now a mission to own a hedgehog

  • This is so awesome!! Keep up the great work Gloom!

  • “He looks most like a farmer” Wth does that mean-

  • 7:49 Kassie: trying to figure out who owns the snake, very intelligent speaking Anjing: 👁👅👁

  • At my school we had this thing where the principal had to kiss a pig🐷🐷🐷🐷

  • But I like to break the law -gloom

  • 11:39 this had me dead

  • Me: I have a pet snake dude: werdios own snakes

  • I have a pet snake

  • 5:42

  • 5:36

  • 5:48

  • I'm trying to think, if I were a part of that sort of thing, which of my animals would I bring? The same person with multiple animals might present differently in each one.

  • Person: What makes you think I'm the least likely to own a goat? Other person: Because you're very pretty. Person who owns the goat: Ouch.

  • i love sneks

  • I'm very sorry that I'm 20 passed away and must be very hard one of my cats passed away

  • 10:27 In a what what way-

  • I've watched this before lol

  • My friend Tessa has a snake

  • I don’t need a snake to be weird

  • did yoy know pigs are in the top three for smartest animals in the world (i want one)

  • I love birds

  • my dad owns like 6 snakes in the house lol

  • I want a snake for my birthday

  • I have a rabbit

  • “When she grabbed it without HANDS” dude XD

  • But I already have two dogs

  • I want a Bearded dragon!!!!!!!!!!! :0

  • :0

  • My sister owns two Lizards!!!! And she doesn’t really get some food and water but she does sometimes ;-;

  • Them: Rat owners don't shower Me: ...Rude...

  • Why does kassie look younger than 1year ago

  • Get a gecko

  • I have a rat and I love him so much I play with him almost every day

  • I have a snake is name is stretch and he is a ball python

  • Snakes do cuddle lol

  • the angel fish matches kassie because she's an angel 😊

  • My grandmother has 2 Gray I think gray African American Parrots?

  • I have a pet pig it’s actually not that bad

  • "But I like to break the law" -Gloom 2021

  • Snakes are cute

  • My cousin has a bearded dragon. I haven't seen it though. Ngl, I kinda want to

  • So no one is going to take about how when she said for the hedgehog she said she knew when the person took in with no hands

  • Rudeee, I have 5 rats 😭

  • 11:38 yeah if you take a hedgehog out without hands you are skilled and thats definitely your hedgehog

  • im super wierd but i dont have a snake

  • I want a skunk there so cute I love them