🔴Among Us with LaurenzSide, DanTDM, Smajor, FGTeev, CaptainSparklez, Kara, ThinkNoodles, ThnxCya

Publicerades den 29 sep 2020
This is going to be a tough lobby to win as impostor in, but we gonna try! Playing with: @LaurenzSide, @DanTDM, @FGTeeV , @Dangthatsalongname, @CaptainSparklez, @Corpse Husband, @TheOrionSound, @Thinknoodles, @iBallisticSquid, @ThnxCya, @Kara Corvus
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  • It wouldn’t be a Gloom among us stream without hearing ‘Lauren you not muted’

  • Hello

  • Hi

  • I am a big fan of fgteev and you.

  • Gloom did u know shields is a visual task?

  • Eff said I will haunt you all for the rest of your lives 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • hi

  • lol

  • is this live

  • Hii

  • i play amoung us my name in amoung us queen alex

  • i hate my rimes so much there teribel uhg uhg uhg uhg uhg uhg uhg uhg uhg uhg uhg sorry about that uhg thing

  • im not suspicious dont be suspicious oh no oooh no

  • She literally has the cutest laugh 💖🥰🥺❤️

  • GLOOM dont stand still when you sabatage its very obvius

  • also gloom how do you play among us becuse not every day you play on stream so how do you go playing in public servers

  • gloom how do you get your tasks done so fast i cant even go a game with finishing my tasks

  • hi

  • 🤬 🤢🤮😊🥺😰🤪💌😘🥰😍

  • What happened to. Face cam at 52:39?

  • Am I the only one who saw the vent pop in admin and in med baby and was like WHY DIDNT YOU NOTICE THAT and check to see who it was... no one ok just me

  • Kassie: I will be the finest ghost you have ever seen Me: You mean... THE FINEST GHOST YOU HAVENT SEEN ba-dum-tish

  • all my favorite youtubers in one video

  • ok

  • HEY Kassie I have a tips for you when you are crewmate. Tip 1. When you are in the admin you can see the impostor killing by the icons of crewmates, if they like cross to each other and it will be back into two like if you are killing a crewmate you know you are like teleporting to the crewmate. Tip 2. When you are in the admin you can see the impostor venting by the icons again. example: the impostor killed someone in the navigation, and then the impostor vented, the impostor vented from navigation to shields and the icon of the impostor will be pop up on shields. This is my tips for you so I think it will be helpful for you!! Bye LOVE you GLOOM/KASSIE

  • Hello

  • Why does my iPad always go on kassies among us lives I don’t even watch lives that *much*

  • Gloom: Where'd Dannyboi go? Me: Dannyboi is literally the nickname my cousin calls me

  • B

  • Gloom imposter rounds!! first imposter round : 0:28 second imposter round : 17:27 third imposter round : 1:10:15 fourth imposter round : 1:40:25 thats it sorry if i missed any!

  • Well hi

  • Think: doesn’t die first Everyone: ITS THINK

  • It won't let me chat

  • Turn on live chat

  • 39:45 Vent: hello-

  • What app do you use to call?

  • Hey gloom could we ever play among us?!?!? Or like when are you ever gonna play among us with your fans?

  • HI

  • I knew it was Kara on the last game lol

  • And think that's so mad

  • I'll let you watch everybody doing this

  • Is it just me or do y'all get mad when gloom leaves the sabotage thing open

  • hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • I give Gloom the "Best Among us SEnewssr" Award

  • 1:04:07 what was that Cassie 😳

  • Me!!!

  • Gloom and fgteev are my favorite ones in my SEnewss list

  • 💭💭💭

  • I love how everyone targeted think at the beginning until he had to go and then jvckk came in AND used the same colour as think and is now getting targeted- if ur ever playing among us with friends then probably don’t use lime XD it’s cursed

  • I ship Kassie (Gloom) and Dan (DanTDM)

  • Yay my favorite SEnewssrs are playing

  • うぇええ

  • she said she is in communication but she was in admin

  • Fiji

  • Gloom didn't do leaves: PANIK Gloom does leaves: calm Gloom does there: PANIK Gloom continues like nothing happened: calm

  • yo how did u play two whole hours of among us! your amazing kass!

  • All those guys are SEnewssrs in that game of Among Us

  • Put your face can to left after the match starts

  • Lol

  • Honestly at the second round it was Dan’s fault

  • I think y'all are very sick people I have a bad mental problem and I think this is very wrong I can't sleep at night a lot I was abuse since I was little I have always had sleeping problems in now I have to have surgery and I am sick by all of this

  • Hello

  • hi

  • i am soo sorr for you dianna:(

  • Lol

  • Yo gloom are you still friends with azzy?

  • Du bringst mich um, Kleine

  • Can someone explain to me what third impostering means ty

    • There are typically 2 impostors, the 3rd impostor gets his suspicions so wrong that he frames and gets innocent crew mates voted off. He ends up killing for the impostors, thus 3rd impostor being used as an insult.

  • I am so addicted to these videos

  • 16:12 mems sorry

  • 1t:to sorry mems

  • i love you so much

  • anyone else notice that when she and dan were both imposters, he voted for her. Even i was offended by that.

  • Gloom: I’m going to hang out in communications Me: YOU JUST WALKED INTO ADMIN NOT COMMUNICATIONS

  • People who watch fteev cheating. If you did not know he actually saw Dan streaming and he was the imposter

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhh.....continues to to leaves calmly

  • I just realised this vide is 5 minuts to 3 hours long🙄

  • im just gonna go for it get the toacs 1:50:56

  • 1:24 is it just me or does the sabotage button look hilarious

  • Fgteev: don't-COME ON!!


  • Hi!

  • hi i am new!

  • My rear end is exposed-kassie 2020

  • my hero academia

  • me too

  • aMore than your Channel

  • gloom i love fgteev

  • Kassie is so cool

  • On Cassies among us streams at the beginning she should say Happy day im Crewmate

  • FGTEEV is sus


  • hi Gloom

  • Bad

  • you can win gloom

  • hi

  • Hi kassie I’m Jr. biggest fan

  • hi

  • go Lauren

  • 1:33:18