I made Tik Tok Food Art | Kids Bento Boxes

Publicerades den 19 sep 2020
The best mom on Tik Tok, @SulheeJessica has been making some back to school edible delights, and Kartha Gewart wants a taste.
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  • I regret not listening to her to not search up devolving

  • Cassie singing: Hahpay bUrthdaey towe youa

  • Asians be eating seaweed and kimchi all the time.

  • My mom be screening Me : stop get some help

  • That rost was like my mom trying to say it not being mean

  • Oh yeah and the strawberry and bugs thing is fake that's why my sister said

  • You're going to be a great mom soon or later

  • Is it actually mommy going to be a great and nice mom I bet

  • Make more food videos

  • Hey gloom I’m Vietnamese and your doing it right

  • why do you play among us alot

  • 🤓🤓🤓

  • Gloom do you like frys

  • I looked up deploying and it looks awesome 👌

  • When she said that she used to tell her parents to give her « normal » lunches, I felt that

  • i think most people know water melon Sugar high is a song 🤣

  • Vote for gloom for president

  • Where are you Japan? Also btw Ive been watching your episode videos and downloaded the game bought 5,000 diamonds and 900 tickets thank you for inspiring me ive watched your shows or videos for 10 years I think And your the best.

  • Soo i looked at degloveging?

  • Me when j don’t like the lunch my mom fix and she says eat all of it or no more Games Me: Gives* to friend*

  • *HaAAPY BoORTHdAy YY TO YA W HAPPY BOrth doi to yaWWW* "wish my mom loved me :(("

  • *me* (watches) *kasy* (writes note saying you will move out in 10 years :)) *?÷* how did you guess my age guess what it says

  • I search it up and I don’t hate you

  • I want you guys to get married...............Terry put a ring on it...................Kathy check the most recent thing that Terry has searched on his phone if it’s wedding rings he’s going to put a ring on it👉👈

  • Can u make my luches? Pls😉👌

  • 😎

  • I searched up deloving and it looks interesting...

  • When she said it was better than chips and healthy I looked at my chip and gave it the stink eye

  • How does she make so many videos Read more Haha you clicked it didn't you

  • YUMMMM!!!!😛😛😋😋😋😋😋🙀🙀👍👍👍🏿👍🏾👍🏽👍🏼👍🏻

  • The thumbnail made me think this was a “ most savage parents” video

  • Hahaha


  • that loks gub

  • When I’m older I want kids but I have a short temper when it comes to kids but kids love me still

  • Plz do mooooooooooooooooooooooooore

  • How old are you

  • I felt sad for the panda... But it's kind of funny 😂

  • I like phō because my dad is from Vietnam and my mom is from Cambodia (please don’t judge if I spelled phō wrong)

  • I hate sea food but if I liked it that would be great

  • What I get for lunch is pirogies :3 Every Single Day

  • dont blaspheme pls praise the Lord Jesus Christ

  • Gulp and Blow -Mommo XD I DIED LAUGHING

  • O_O wow I looked up and I am so shocked ): ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww🤢🤮

  • I was watching this on my birthday! When Kassie said happy birthday I was like “wow thanks” 😂

  • This is so cutttteeee!

  • I love that your dog always sticks his tongue out it's adorable!

  • She changes her dog's name every time she does kartha gewart persona cool😊

  • do most schools have places you can warm up your food cause mine doesnt

  • Gloom: "why would anyone peel a watermelon" *continues peeling watermelon*

  • Wan you eat the food you do a makbaing

  • if you have kids I hope you don't put those notes it can affect them in a negative way

  • What happened to Twinkie's neck? Did he have surgery or something?


  • I LOVE P

  • Gloom is right “you are a failure

  • eww i searched that term she said not to i dont blame her i was just curious but EEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  • so cute

  • You you......HATE KiDS >:0

  • Sroberry?

  • You are a failure, mom :) What a wonderful message!!

  • Am I the only one that isn't aloud to eat these foods at school?

  • Kassie- spends her whole day eating a ton of lunches and writing mean notes.

  • I’m pescatarian!

  • Me: *sees thumbnail* Me: ohohohhhh I ha. I would finish that in SECONDS Me always lololol: I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE

  • I love you Gloom so much

  • Hey she made a among us one

  • Why did you just say in Malaysia I say it is curry 😁

  • I had Kimchi flavoured ramen a few days ago and I loved it, although my mouth was burning.

  • I hate potato,s too gloom!

  • I never tried bento.....

  • You know why that Tik Toker made something like that? Its because, *a l l J e s s i c a ' s a r e s m a r t b o i s*

  • *only friend*

  • "I thought you drowned him in the pudding" gloom: "I did hehe"

  • Do you even have kids

  • I agree i dont want a kid but i wants to make the kid food ._.

  • (Gloom) *uses purple box thing* (me) I use that for school everyday the box thooo :)


  • EWWWWWW i looked degloving up your GROSS but I still love you :)

  • Who’s parents have the time to make it

  • 13:50 funny

  • Gloom :do not google what dose watermelon sugar mean me :I did it 👇

  • Fun fact are Forest friend ship me and bear girl she my girlfriend

  • It’s not fu it’s foe

  • Gloom you are amazing

  • Oh i just noticed i forgot to eat my dinner when i was watching this

  • Was terry peeling that water melon lol

  • R.I.P perfect watermelon

  • people who disliked tested the hack and it didnt work☺️☺️☺️

  • 17:25

  • I love seaweed

  • Remember the time you scammed a fan

  • I looked it up I hate yooooooooou!

  • I wish I could it Because I haven’t try it 😢

  • hop

  • Me: I’m gonna look up degloving and I’m gonna be fine Me when I see it: 🤢🤢🤢🤢😫😩😖🤮🤮😿👎👎👎

  • Why don’t you have kids?

  • Cassie do you do you like boba

  • Kassie" here is ur food only friend u love the taste of other people's garbage "only friend" I cma here for food mom o-O

  • Oh and funny joke