I said “yes” to all peer pressure and this happened

Publicerades den 19 jul 2020
It’s a typical Episode but Nora @noraverse is here and she’s thirsty for popularity and a good time.
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  • i hate when you make vidios like this

  • I know what game that is episode by Midnight starlight

  • GET IN THE SAME CAR -parker lockwoods mom lol

  • This is the best channel ever! I love this so much I have to subscribe

  • I m late to say but Bella do got that Karen cut

  • My Brother did not know you existed lol😂🤣

  • Cassie needs to be a pro actor 😅

  • what app is that?

  • What is this game called

  • Yeah right *BURP* 12:44

  • WOW I love this

  • Who is your FAVE bestie Azzy or Nora?? Anyway Mean girl: This is MY school and I say we get a week of and PARTY NOW!!! Principle: Are you CRAZY?? Mean girl: NO you go to DETENTION!! Principle: How about NO YOU GO TO DETENTION AND GET KICKED OUT OF SCHOOL!!! Mean girl : HA NO WAY! Principle: I am calling your MOM!! Mean girl : * Crying out loud * Principle: Fine then go to DETENTION!! * Mean girl walking sadly and dramaticly to DETETION !!! *

  • When kasse needs terryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  • Really like how she said oh it’s my little baby XD

  • Can you do one of thes with Lauren

  • Bella is Karen. Change my mind.

  • hot guys rich people then there's me just the reality of everybody's life

  • What game is this called

  • I’m your friend

  • what is the name of the game i like it alot and your vids:>

  • I thought that Azzyland was your best friend

  • What,s the name Of the game your playing.

  • My best friend Penny

  • i love it

  • I love you❤ and you are amazing👍

  • 😈how

  • I've played episode before this story but I deleted it before I completed this story

  • Willow is my sisters hamsters name

  • Why am I just seeing this after 3 month’s. But what is the name of the book and is it episode or chapters? Please someone answer me cause I really wanna start reading it

  • ngl even tho this is late i kinda love this story

  • I love these videos!!😍😆

  • The fact that I thought Azzy was your bestie

  • I played that before and still have it

  • Thought your best was away?

  • Aww, I thought @azzyland was your bestie

  • whats the game called?

  • Btw I'm a girl using my Pappas IPad

  • What is the game or like what your doing in the vid called

  • Yea right! *bUrP* Me: @-@ *bUrP*

  • HOLD on one tiny second when penny and Luna were dancing I saw Bella dancing to and you guys still didn’t notice it and plus I am only 8 and you are way older than me and like I said you still didn’t notice that Bella was dancing with Luna and penny 😏

  • What game is that?

  • Karen: Ugh! Let’s go out outfits are going out of style standing next to that trash! Me: BOI! YOUR OUFITS ARE THE SAME-


  • the moonwalk

  • She acts just like them

  • What is this game

  • Please do part 2! This was funny

  • Where is Azzy? I misd cazzy

  • What game is this

  • Where are my Penny fans! I v


    • There is one it's called "I Tried To Be A Mean Girl To Fit In"

  • Lol

  • Its like watching a movie... nice acting....

  • I am a loser gotcha

  • are you still friends with azzyland?

  • Welp what can I do if my name is *luna* 😤😤😤

  • 69k likes huh funny number

  • Sorry but the girl who plays as Penny's voice who is that I have only seen here in one of your vids

  • Me: LOOKS AT GLOOOMS PHONE ROUND Thingy also me: a lemon??? I HAVE THAT TO ;D

  • the 69,588 like has entered the chat >:3

  • what about azzy I thought she was your bestie 😞

  • What is the game called

  • HaHaHa.....I loved this. I want to see what happens next

  • Honestly, Kassie could be a voice actor

  • what is up

  • My finger slipped... *And I do not regret watching this.*


  • haha its so funny

  • Azzy land☹️☹️

  • bruh. totally click bait

  • I LOVED the Luna Penny moments!!! 😂😂😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • I thought Azzy was your bestie.

  • 27:30🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣i was bearly brething🤣i reapating that scene 20 times😂

  • yooo my name is loretta like what

  • Your so pretty

  • Yes just says her yeah girl Cassie🌺🌸💜

  • Bella be looking like a 21st century ✨KAREN✨

  • get it girl oooohhhhh

  • Love you gloom your biggest fan i live in Jamaica love you

  • Who hates my guys😆

  • Luna: get. Out. Of. My. Way Me: my way, or the highway

  • did gloom just call her freind almost worthless (penny, she called her penny)

  • Gloom What is the game called

  • Gloom you said that you have never read a book in your life but you are reading a story🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • What is this game called?

  • The Karen cut got me dead 💀

  • I am playing willow hill

  • 6:23 I’m thinking either gloom is in the friend zone or she 100% in also if did not watch already don’t click link

  • Cassie : with my best friend penny (Nora) Azzy:👁️👄👁️

  • why does bella look like a karen

  • Toldol tatels batels😂


  • He he

  • hi

  • how many times is cassie going to burp it is soo funny that she just does it out of no where

  • What happened to azzy being ur bestie 🥺👉👈

  • The sound penny made whenever they got invited as very cute 🐱🐱

  • Popular guys maybe i dont like becuase sometimes they be mean to me ;^; idk why ;-;

  • Bestie? What about azzy🥺