Don’t get a snack at 4am 🍔

Publicerades den 25 apr 2021
Its time to Get A Snack At 4am. This is a surprisingly awesome Roblox game. This is an ALL TROPHY ENDINGS play through.
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  • poor Steve his head got ripped off

  • Gloom join the game again there are still more endings oof

  • There was more to the game but you missed it

  • Gloom WHATS that game called my brother will annoy me if he doesn’t play that game

  • Hi

  • Me halfway into the video: Wait where does the mom sleep and is there even a mom?

    • Nope

  • Kassie! If you re join there is more to the game! There is an obby and the final ending!

    • Yes! We need to get that last ending!

  • Cool game

  • as soon as I sore you playing it I had to play it to because it looked fun and it is(:

  • l have the game now pless fast play agen

  • you did not finish the game

    • Yes we need her to find the game!


  • There's a secret ending if u take too long and I found out because cashier was on break and it turned day. I wanted to get a cola to get the flooded ending. 👇 plz :3

  • Name!?

  • There is also an ending kassie didn't get and it was a secret one called "insomnia" so you have to stay up until it's 6 AM (I think) and that is it

  • U should have played more to get another ending and there's a secret ending

  • theres more endings you didnt finsh the finale

  • Haha, jokes on you, *thats not all the endings*

  • She didn't notice the picture of flamingo holding a gun in that game lol

  • i played that game

  • uhhhh normaly this game is 3 hours I didnt watch the whole video but when it says leave the game you stay not leave

  • there more then that

  • Honestly one of my favourite games of all times Specially because how relatable it is 😁

    • And I got the secret ending : insomnia Wich was from being afk

    • I also got a *that's rare I think* badge when I came outside and is was snowing

  • Mjjj

  • i ate the tooth paste and the game kicked me 🤣 it said: dont consume toothpaste!

  • she skiped the finale XD

  • I have all the endings

  • Toothpaste and orange juice


  • You know you can successfully shoplift when he's on break o-o

  • At least its not 3am

  • Her not know that she can steal the cola

  • there is WAY MORE ~trust me I've played this game

  • Wortes Qaida q quoll ew TUI we wo 6wr88rwrow45i IT den puio

  • TIP: If you really wanna play it but your scared of scary things, you can play it because it is NOT a scary game.

  • Gloom that wasn't the end of the game. In flamingos video there was more

  • I would just pretend I'm going to the bathroom at my mom's because the bathroom was right next to the kitchen at my dad's I would act like it was normal since he sleeps fairly heavily

  • I just realized how melodious Kassie's voice is-

  • You know if the cashier goes on break

  • Try eating the toothpaste in get a snack at 4 am

  • You missed the final ending

  • Plz complete the game that was not the real ending it was just there to trick the player


  • I tried this game and i never everrrr gotthis far s9 thanks for showing me😆😆

  • I play that game get snack at 4 am

  • watch funnehs vid of this plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (for gloom )

  • But I’ll sell if you leave with a drink or food it’s a ending because I did everything because I played it

  • Messed that up you do not grab the orange

  • But beautiful not grab the orange

  • I’ve played this before and I did everything

  • Rosso you can go right when you leave the room there is also cash on the right and I don’t go in the room next to you on the right because if you eat the toothpaste it’s a ending and then if you like the dad up it’s a ending but You can leave the house and go to the grocery shop and buy things

  • You half to grab the chips and don’t eat dumb but go to your bedroom and go in the corner and eat them and then go back to bed

  • I got that ending

  • i tried everything u did and IT WORKED it was weird

  • Only 1 off that’s so cool

  • try the Orb ending. its the ball in the store

  • believe me or not, you haven't finished the game :)

  • She didnt get done with the game there is still more


  • i saw funneh and flamingo play this and funneh got all alll alllll the endings even to soda flood ending and the final ending and the insoma ending

  • My parents are currently divorced and gloom is curing my sadness love u gloom 💖

  • Well we all get hungry right ? But not a 4:00 am well sometimes

  • If you rejoin the game, JUST REJOIN THE GAME. NOBODY LIKES SPOILERS! ( except me of coarse, so i could figure out all the endings)

  • When the comments don't tell her she missed something:👁💧👄💧👁 (Flamingo also made a video on this game so if your confused look at that video)

  • Bruh you didint even do the rest i played the WHOLE game and i saw more than you saw (sorry if im being rude)

  • lesson of the story NEVER GET A SNACK AT 4:00 AM

  • The head that dosent have a mask is from Minecraft

  • There is more to the game if you stay through the credita

  • Sorry said at beginning lol-

  • Steal from the store to :)

  • I’ve finished the game (like 1 hour ago) it was amazing it took a long time ago (Hint : Drink orange juice at store (after purchase) and then eat the toothpaste and make sure it isn’t on the plate

  • Try to go back in the game when it ends and then u steal a soda then join back and u will see what happens next....

  • I love gloom’s dad voice lol

  • me clicking on this video: oh, this looks fun. Gloom 16 minutes in the video: Yes!! I died because of shoplifting!!

  • Big fan

  • I got 2 more achievements the first one is big moon (1/100) and Gaster the man that speaks by hands (1/100)

  • Another one is having the egg but not cooked.

    • She cooked the egg but it’s just the lazier way to get the breakfast reward

    • She did that in the beginning I think

  • It’s Steve from Minecraft head and why is their heads all over

  • Why no soba in game????? 🥺🥺

  • I want soba in the gameee Soba soba soba soba soba

  • i saw some one do this and you did not finish

  • And you have to keep the egg on the stove for like 30 sekends

  • I played it and it’s so funny 😂

  • ive played that game and theres more to the game! just join back and u should get the last part to the game.


  • Imagine ur dad sleeping on a bed and u sleeping on the floor , couldn't be me 🙄🙄

  • Before I went on I paused the vid at 1:45 and it was easy to complete all I did was brought the chips to the room and ate them there

  • I got a snack at 10:00 a.m.


  • 4:10 I see a picture of Albert with a gun lol

  • You should make a part 2( yes there is more )


  • Friend meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  • People who have to wake up at 4am for fasting be like:👁👄👁

  • me missing half of the video because im making eggs and orange juice

  • I completed the game I got all the endings Secret endings and others

  • "im hungry right now" Me:hope ur jealous i have noodles Hello,Gloom If Ur Seeing This Or People That Dont Know All Endings Just Watch This Channel "ItsFunneh" she got all endings :>

  • Has she found the mystery man in the dorr??

  • When I saw this video I immediately clicked it because I would marry food 🥘