I tried Oddly Satisfying Slicing and Touching Apps

Publicerades den 11 apr 2021
We're going to try a free app where you can slice kinetic sand and then a paywall app where you subscribe to touch slime and listen to weird noises. ASMR is weird but I like it.
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Video Edited by Terry & Now Creatives
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  • The better slime app is super slime simulator

  • I already have ASMAR slice

  • Gloom, The pregnant squirrel killer

  • Duck betrayal

  • You should’ve poked it maybe would’ve been a little bit more satisfying

  • Um...ok,dier gloom i...i..dont now why i am so shy but i am a big fan of you and i just wanted you to now that...ok bye I love you!bye!

  • this is so satifing

  • What is the apps

  • Gloom: ok we are cutting this little squirrel man. Me: that's a bever.

  • I have a game called super slime simulator and you can use your own decorations and what kind of slime and the colour and you don't have to pay for it

  • This made me so calm and made my day better!

  • If u don't like the mukbang y u still playing with it?

  • Kissy: it’s like Oreo macarons Me: it’s macaronis

  • hold up did she just say macarons LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I was filled with so much joy when you said "I love rain" "I just wanted rain!" because my name is Rainnnn c:

  • Gloom: its tea time ITS TEA TIME me: 0-0 otay-

  • I will never get tired of "happy day im Gloom"

  • gloom- lets destroy this ladybug marinette= what did i do to u oh no I think gloom got akumatized

  • My teacher: says whats the hardest thing in life Me: Getting pinned from gloom

  • GOOI

  • The first game u played is my favoret game in real life✌💕

  • All the miraculous lovers watching her cut the poor ladybug 😔

  • I disliked this because THE DUCKY MY FAVORITE ANIMAL

  • ih

  • When the tea came on my British heart went- 🪦😵

  • i have had this game forever i love it

  • 6:16 That part is so funny

  • Is anyone gonna tell gloom that her hair is on FLEEK! :p It looks amazing :D

  • Sime


  • Idk y but I thought guillotine was pronounced gee-a-teen

  • 1:40 okay but are we not gonna talk about the buster sword? Lord knows I’m tempted to download this app just to be Cloud Strife

  • Legit I couldn’t stop laughing 😆 when the Guinea pig noise came up and her reaction

  • 6:40 is when she turns into the mad hatter LOL

  • Do more please

  • make the slimes stop

  • ¿¿¿

  • ????"??¿

  • Can you please show more screen gloom

  • Hey peeps ♡

  • what is the slime app called?

  • 0:05 0:47 both are same

  • SaTisfAyInG

  • You should try super slime simulator its more slimey ☺️

  • Plesss

  • Gloom can you try a game called sticky dash

  • Lol i have a guine pig hedoesnt do that lol

  • 3:30 it is an apple 🍎

  • hi gloom can you react to shay making a dress and love your vids 🥰🥰🥰

  • Oh my Goodness I love satisfying app

  • You can get slime simulator for free

  • When I saw this vid I knew it was gonna be funny!🤣😳

  • For the slime one use the slime simulator app

  • Its a beever😅

  • Get slime simulation it's free and exactly like that one but you don't have to subscribe



  • Play super slime simulator please

  • I have ASMR slicing

  • try super slime simulator it looks better, it sounds better and it’s free

  • Guinea pigs don make that sound- I have a guinea pug and he sounds like “MEEEP” it’s really funny!!!

  • Watching this really helped with my anxiety. Thank you so much. ❤️❤️

  • I have the last app on my i pad and i rlly wanted u to do the toilet paper and did u know u can make ur own asmr slime in it and discover doffrent sounds :)

  • i wish oreo macarons were a thing 😭😭😭 i love oreos and my fav flavor is cookies and cream and i loveee macarons ✨✨✨ i just wish it was a thing 👁👄👁 💧

  • If u want to play a different different game thats free and better Type "Super slime simulator"

  • Down load fluid it is so fricking satisfying

  • {\_/} ( . . ) />❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗 i love you gloom

  • I have that game and it it so I finally finished

  • I had this game

  • You said that getting like when you put it like guinea pig in the sliding door actually do you actually don’t even sound like that they sound really cute and I also really soft since I went to my friends house and they have a guinea pig and we played it with the guinea pigs

  • I have that app

  • Gloom should play super slide it’s better and it’s free and you can made the slime and it all sound different

  • You😍👍

  • I don’t need the cat purr I already have one

  • anybody else miss her gaming videos..?

  • I used to use super slime simulator its awesome you can create and customize your own slime it was so satisfying....... And its free

  • Please try run race 3D next!

  • You are starting to sound like azzy 😂

  • For any of you that like slime there is a app called virtual slime it’s really cool

  • is it just me or did she say Oreo Macrons instead of Oreo Macaroons

  • the microphone one sounds kinda like the Ring whispering to Frodo in lotr

  • I know this is to late but you should try slime simulator


  • Please watch a episode of miraculous and react to it 😩

  • plssssss react to @snoopslimesofficial on tiktok

  • I have kinetic sand

  • Is gloomy hokmoth

  • I have this game

  • I hav e this app

  • Can someone teach her how to talk!!! Plz I am begging you!!!!! LEARN HOW TO TALK!!!😡😡😡!!! Or just don’t talk at all.! If you are with me like this comment

  • What the Frick

  • Gloom💞💞💞💞👉👍👈💃👸👸👼

  • Did terry remind you to unsubscribe

  • Make the pieces thiner

  • I think you should try "antistress - relaxation toys" it has all kinds of toys, including the ASMR cutting, but im not sure about slime

  • The whisper mic reminded me of Harry Potter chamber of secrets

  • If had this game for about six months

  • what apps are these-

  • Nobody: Kassie: *is doings something Also kassie: “Why would you do this?”

  • Do you like Ariana grande