I Answered Prayers to Ruin as Many Lives as Possible

Publicerades den 1 mar 2020
You got a Prayr? Well Gosh and Jeez aren't online today, all you get is Awwlawdee, and she sucks.
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  • He'll. Booboo

  • girl: "please heal my dad :( and im homeless" gloom: awweeeee *doesnt grant wish

  • It’s because everyone is made pretty

  • What’s this game called?

  • What is the name of the game Ms.Gloom

  • when it said can logan paul win another fight against KSI when it showed the results is said TKO

  • Ummm I want to do this as well as like give it a try so is it in the App Store if it is can you tell me why it is if it’s not if it’s on a website can you tell me wat the website is

  • I don’t know why but i feel gray and gloom should collaborate on something Edit:That would be chaotic

  • Gloom I know you’re friends with azzy

  • blessed awwlawdee Please pin me Mom said it's my turn

  • What app

  • my names orla

  • Niamh is pronounced Neeve 😂

  • Game name: prayr

  • For the people who wish to be born pretty well when it said nothing changed maybe it meant they wore already pretty

  • What is the game called


  • Do you have a bf

  • You said no to making her pretty because she’s pretty enough

  • what is this game named?

  • Wot is this game thing called

  • I'm in 2nt grad

  • What’s the app called???

  • What is the game called


  • I taped on this faster than James Charles could say HEY SISTERS

  • I am friends with u in ROBLOX!

  • Awwwlawdee,can you make Adriano love me.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂okay sike

  • What is this game

  • Why

  • What game is that? Pls tell meee 👁️👄👁️

  • I created a couple and I’m only 10

  • atleast the girl that has 4 nipols she can feed her kid well lol

  • The game is called preyr

  • What game is this

  • “Happy day im gloOoOooOooOoOoOoOoOoOooOoOMmMmmM”

  • my name is finley

  • What is the name of the game you are playing

  • What is this game

  • it didn't change because everybody's beautiful in their own way! :) yes you to reader!

  • "I have a knife stuck in my foot" Ohh g- Oh awwwlawdee that must've hurrrrt As you can see I'm very empathetic, but with pain, sometimes I even try to imagine or feel the pain, Is everyone like that or am I just weird?

    • I embrace peoples sympathy and pain so I have the same thing as you buddy.

  • Gloom:Jeez and gosh to answer ur questions🙏So yeah

  • What is this game called?(I want to play it please gloom)

  • U never used tinder

  • Plz tell the game name

  • Hi

  • What is this game

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • my name is Eleanor lol

  • TOILt SNIFFer 😆😆😆

  • I died when it said

  • No one:

  • the population of homeless people dissapeared because they all got enough for a house and food and a job

  • 👀 👅

  • Say yes to anyone if they say please (eg; please give my cat a sponge ball or please break the chair, say yes though if they don’t say please, say no)

  • I like your video

  • Wow that is so cool 🤓

  • Gloom sort of smexy do

  • the girl in the thumbnail is pretty

  • You mean

  • You said my name Piper!!!!

  • I love you so MUCH. Keep doing what you love and don't let hate get to you. I think to should do my buyouts videos.😁Love you😁💖

  • Pray to gosh and jeez

  • do this again

  • How do you not know how to use tinder???

  • Lol

  • Gloom: I’m not like a giney also gloom: 8:09

  • Game?

  • She’s so funny

  • When your name is Ivy: 👁👄👁💧

  • When they ask to be pretty/handsome and it says nothing changes meaning that they were already Beautiful

  • i have covid . one like = one pray that i do not die and i am only 8 years old

  • 🥳🤪

  • Potato potato I’m a potato are you a potato

  • You are a friend of AzzyLand

  • dear Aweeeelawdee like my comment

  • When I was younger I wished for ppl to live longer not kidding

  • I burst into laughter when it said "Joris Bhonson" ! 😂😂

    • @Mara Frederick lol

    • * Just imagine that I’m praying for us to not crash in a airplane and it shows it up there and declines* plane crashes Me:dies

    • @Pointless Videos hes the prime minister of the United Kingdom. If ur that dumb the United Kingdom is Britain 🤯

    • Who is he?

    • Haha same!😂😂😂😂

  • Please do qna Question are you christian

  • What is game nama

  • What game is this

  • What’s the name of this game

  • happy day I’m GLOoM ah yes making my self go :>

  • ℍ𝕚 ㋛♡︎☽𓆉☏

  • I pray about not trowing up all the time is that wrong

  • Can u make my wish come true........ok: I want to hey all A+ in every single language in every grade😊😊pls 😇help mee cause I getB the moost

  • You are Olson dearorlordey

  • My names Harper and am 10😳☠🔪

  • what is the app ?

  • Its gloomtastic

  • I love being evil but when it comes whith dogs I am like a angel 😂😇😈

  • thank you for makeing the girl wish come true the one who is scard to watch scary movie becesue i am one of her i am scard i watched a scary movie now its always in my mind like if you are too

  • 2.21 It is pronounced Neeve not the way u said it Plz don't give me hate I am just trying to help Gloom

  • Gloom what is this game called?? Also I love your channel

  • Did she say niam- it’s pronounced neev😂

  • She said Niamh (How to say it is Neive) wrong.

  • Dear Awwwlawde, I really want to see Gloom's old intro and outro. Please help me convince her.

  • the girl should hav evented

  • Me: oww now my family can stay in life

  • I would I bully a fat kid 3:31