I only said “SURPRISE ME” for an entire BitLife 😑

Publicerades den 20 feb 2020
SURPRISE! It’s the new BitLife update and my life is a complete mess
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  • Hey stop making fun of how I say coyote. IT’S A REGIONAL PRONUNCIATION, it’s how we say it where I grew up in western Canada 🤠

  • I have a dog named caramel but with a k

  • Mine was that my evil step father left a box of donuts but it was celery

  • *gets rejected for scholarship Cassie: I think I’m a lot smarter than I am Me: or Mabey it’s because you have corona

  • Why do you pronounce coyote like cayoat it’s pronounced Kai-yo-te

  • When i want to beat up some1 i always kick them in the stomach and only twice i didn't go to jail

  • gloom: rejects a person covid: aight

  • On my period with food poisoning watching gloom drinking hot water thank you kasssie. for making my. Cramps better

  • I love how it is demonetized problaly bc of coronavirus

  • Please play Among Us and be Brown with the bear ears I would really appreciate that Gloom

  • Since when can you get coronavirus in the game like I played like 15 minutes ago

  • Did she just not read the explanation of how to clear the midfield at the top? Because that was the easiest minefield I have ever seen. (No offense Cassie)

  • Let’s get this to 500 likes my most recent emojis 😳😁👇💋🤫😖🥰😈🏠🙄😧😭🐯🙂🗑😯😤😥🤔😋😐😬😡😦😏😃🤢😑😒🤯

  • hi kasie

  • that is not ok that they made fun of you but where you grew up

  • -------- |: :| --------


  • 6:42 *The teachers name...*

  • 3:06 oof I had a music teacher named Mr. Harter

  • Wow, this was made in the early days of COVID. I was so different back there....☠️

  • My named is karen watson

  • I think licking him was very flirty

  • "It's so bad to call you're stepparent by their first name!" I do it aswell and my stepmother doesn't care

  • I know

  • Me: Don't press "sounds boring" Me: Don't. Press. "Sounds Boring." Me: DON'T YOU DARE Me:😑She pressed it

  • I might have COVID.....

  • Kassie: Ushie Mama show your Nana. Me(laughs soo hard that my mom took me to a mental hospital right away.)

  • Do you know how to play mine sweeper?

  • Does Gloom not know how to play minesweeper?!?!

  • Gloom's character: calls their stepfather by their first name Gloom: ouch! this kitten's got claws! me: ...how else do you refer your stepparent? i call my stepmom by her first name..

  • 14:43

  • I can’t tell if that says slutty or s*****

  • Hi

  • It's not genisis it's pronounced hennasee

  • Ewwwww FROG LEGS

  • Coronavirus?

  • I once played it and killed to kids as a kid

  • I call my stepdad by his first name, it’s just how it’s always been.

  • Why does she say coyote like that?

  • when you dream adout someone it means they where thinking adout you

  • Do u play minecraft? Cos maybe u can make a “siris”

  • When she said “I have coranavirus but I’m still walk-in to class” i list it with laughter

  • ...She got corona?

  • Wow

  • gloom: my dad died awww (2 seconds later) gloom: Yay i got 85,000

  • vivid voltage

  • rejects to being friends with girl girl : oh that is how it is going to be here is covid 19

  • ''co-worker denni keeps rambling about anime'' me: LEMME MEET HIM LETS BE WEEBS TOGETHER :)

  • In both Lauren and Gloom's surprise me video, they both got army and they had to go in a mind field

  • Hey gloom i just played some bitlife andd died at the age of SEVEN YEARS OLD i was so confused and angry

  • 14:03 ooh that’s gotta houit!” Gloom 2020

  • If you look at the top left, for the whole video, yellow is hiding in the plants.

  • Do they know you have COVID?

  • Ok did not know that.

  • Lol my name is Vilma....

  • This airs one month before the “other virus”

    • Sorry, I’m ignorant, but what is the other virus?

  • This was published on the day before my birthday lol



  • I grew up and lived in western Canada my whole life and I have never once heard anyone say coyote that way XD

  • Who’s Penelope? Ohhhh shes under cover she’s really yan-Chan

  • I tried this and i got Famous and was populer the hole time i was in school

  • You should play this more often

  • Ummmm She got corona... 2020!!!!!!!!

  • My dead name was Lindsay 0-0

  • Hi

  • lakers

  • happy day im gloohOom

  • Wait she has corona still tho

  • John Kook Sound Like Junkook

  • Well corona virus is really kicking in sure it is 🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠


  • 9:58 JackSucksAtLife anyone?

  • Cyoteeeee not cyote

  • Hey my name is Ava

  • I call my step mom by her first name all the time, there is nothing wrong with it

  • Cool vid Gloom

  • "I'm suffering from anxiety" Wings of fire seawing in a nutshell.

  • i am actually from india and i litrally died laughing after hearing the way she pronounced pakistan in her accent

  • Regecting a friend = you get the corona virus

  • I can see an among us in the tree, like if u see it

  • Ok when I was seven we where at the play ground and I spit on my friend rider he didn’t tell on me tho

  • 1:28 When you call your step-dad his first name-

  • I love this vid

  • Penelope Mayfield has the same birthday as me 😂

  • no one: gloom: "I have COVID-19 . . . . . . . . but I still am going to school"

  • She just guessed corona..

  • Why do I always end up being rich. Like I was born with 1M dollars while in real life I only have. Five dollars :(


  • Kassie: I don't want any friends Corona: Allow me to introduce myself

  • my name is penelope...is this how my life should have played out?

  • Me named Ava:👁👄👁 how dare you Penelope!!

  • My sister made me do this challenge 😂.

  • wait wut i thought covid 19 only was in the us in march?? or am i just a idiot? ????????

  • “Mr. Bohner” 😳😂😂

  • I call my my stepdad by his first name

  • It's not pronounced packistan its pronounced Pakistan

  • I love when she says OOH a young Karen in the making!

  • I did the same thing before-

  • 12:30 aaaaaand that's actually how my cat died