Mixing Every Top Rated Instant Noodle Together

Publicerades den 19 jun 2020
Hello 6600mg of sodium! I'm raving about instant ramen for 15 minutes straight. I got the top performers on various lists as well as sorted by popularity. We're mixing every day ramens with treat yo' self ramens. Let's see how this food challenge goes. Let me know what I missed.
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  • I’m Asian too

  • I would have allergic reaction of that chemicals brom baggies of sauces and spices. And I need to boil spice for bit. Strange how culture and cuisine affects people. Greetings to all.

  • I am really shocked. The first one is cheepest in my country. Like it costs per bag 50 cents. Not tasty, empty taste... And I know Asian people have wonderful spices. And for that to be the best like... No. In my vountry very big part of population is Chinese, and we are in Balkans and I think they will never eat this type. But nice to hear opinions of Asian from USA.

  • I eat the shin ramyun every day and it might just be because I can not feel spice but to me it's not spicy

  • Who else when they saw the second bag of ramen thought of the scene "Yeah yeah yeah Yaki Soba" from haikyuu?

  • uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm h-hi heh

  • I love you gloom so so so much

  • I Tried The 1st One But I Cut The Chilli Sauces Off & Throw Them In The Bin. I Hate Chilli

  • super noodles

  • indomie with some bacon bits and you got you a 5 star dish

  • *Me being triggered cause she keeps pronouncing indo Mee "Indumee" instead of Indomie* Mengapa anda perlu melakukan in kepada kami Kassie bagaimana anda holey tidak menghormati indomie Kassie mangapa! Mengapa kamu melakukan ini kepada dewa indomie. I know I'm being overdramatic but still how could you do this to us.

  • OH HOW I LOVE INDOMIE❤️ do u guys know indomie? Its from Indonesia and mi goreng in English means...Fried noodles and theres more then two taste but ill just tell two of em and the second one is... Boiled noodles its very gud 😋 u guys should try one!! Btw r u guys Indonesia too?

  • Me: wanting to eat the whole bowl and asks mom If I can My strict mom: NO! Me: :c Kartha: enjoying the ramen Me: dang

  • Try Pancit Canton its super yummy

  • Cassie: talking about all these different types of ramen Me: only knowing one Maruchan 👁💧👄💧👁

  • Hi

  • BTW. the indomitable thing is from Ghana too there are some that are from Ghana and they are bomb

  • quit hating on mr noodle dude lol

  • I hate all the ramen but I love 1 type in India we have Maggie and it is like luxury for us

  • And im stuck in indo lol so i bought alot of indomie and samyang and most of the indo ramen

  • I bought 5 box of indomie and 19 box of samyang L.O.L

  • where is maggie????????😠😠🧐🧐

  • idk if I'm dumb but the only one I know is Top Roman

  • You forgot top ramen and Maruchan

  • How long this video is 2020 then it was 2019 when I clicked it

  • You forgot Maruchan :((((

  • I’m 8 years old

  • Gloom I’m a fan

  • soo the IndoMie is suppose to called "in dow me" i know it cuz i live in Indonesian and i love that Instant Noodle ... just saying...

  • I like chicken flavored ramen......😳

    • If never had ramen does cup noodle count? 😐

  • Is it just me or have you never heard of any of her ramen brands

  • KASSIE:The first Kitchen appliance i learned is the stove ME: No..Not the Mi..cro wave?....

  • Am I the only one who doesn't strain the water and use it as a soup for my ramen👁️👄👁️ with the powder?

  • The sapporo ichiban is my favorite to

  • I just love when foreign countries taste our "popular noodles". Yes I live from the Indonesian country ^^. Thank you for tasting our food ^^.

  • Dude I have been eating Indomie the whole of quarantine so far 🤧

  • She has not seen the power of maggi

  • In my family if you don't no what it tastes like we say it tastes like chicken

  • Cassie, please do tasting a bunch of different flavors of indomies

  • i have watched this an unhealthy amount of times

  • I am gluten free so I can't have it

  • I’m hungry now....

  • Maruchan Ramen: am i a joke to you??? 👁💧👄💧👁

  • One of the spicy ones I think it is sweet

  • I love spicy food 😋

  • I tried one time Mr.noodles ewww I hate it

  • i eat the pink noodle

  • You missed the “Souper Meal” It’s in America in like every dollar general

  • 11:38 Me born with a heart problem and eating ramen basically every day for my whole school career and I haven’t died yet: 👁👄👁


  • I'm Suddenly want to eat my favorite Instant Noodle lol

  • O melhor é nissin miojo

  • Where are the Malaysian fans?

  • Underrated opinion: I hated Indomie ( cause there’s another brand that I love which is Mee Sedaap )

  • I love kassie 🥰🥰❤️❤️

  • Indomi is from indonesian UwU becuz there is indomi aceh and aceh is from indonesian

  • Me crunching indomie and eating them raw while watching this: My mom:👁️👄👁️

  • i cant handle the two times aka 2x spicy noodles korean ones but the pink one i just cant taste the hotness but it yummy i also eat the yellow ones pink ones black ones and greenish yellow ones i also like it with cheetos spicy cheetos

  • I have only eaten mr Noodles in my life

  • I ate that ramen

  • I'm Korean

  • Do any of you guys know what ‘fantastic noodles’ are?

  • The Swedish version of mr noodle is called Samyang ramen and before following Karthas advice and trying Indomie I thought Instant ramen was just bullijong

  • Kassie u better try Maggie it's the most loved instant noodle in India

  • Don't be shy, send me a bite🥺

  • Me siting here wishing I was in Japan because I only have instan ramen😭

  • i tried it its awesome and today i saw kassie in a market buying this much noodles

  • I only have indomie in my country.

  • indo mie has the name of my country so if you can gues it i will be hoping you to have a amazing day (plss dont get mad at me fr saying this in the comments T^T)

  • I have some info for you Almost there :3 Nears there I have nothing to say the end c: have a nice day

  • Hey Gloom no offense but you pronounced some of the noodles wrong. And also you need to try Japanese noodles they are that best ever.

  • How many times she said indume

  • Why are you bulling my mr. noodles!

  • u missed ramen doddels

  • Korean noodles are the best you dont Just eat them, you gonna feel them ;)

  • I haven't heard of any of the noddels she used

  • So she's Singaporean?

  • Gloom can you speak Indonesian I can

  • I’m Asian but I have never seen a lot of these instant noodles

  • if you stay in sa and you wanna try indomine its at every pnp

  • The first aplience I learned to use is a toaster

  • I just tried the sapporo ichiban and you were soooo right!!!

  • Kassie: everywhere in the ramen section you'll see Mr. Noodles Me: see's it nowhere

  • Ive only heard abt yumyum and Rookee (yumyum is better)

  • Indomi is superior

  • I only eat ma fav noodles maruchan mar-oo-chan is how u pronounce but i like to try those to!

  • INDOMIE!!!!

  • When you don't like spice but lives in Malaysia and the country's spice is amazing to other people : ;-;

  • I love spicy food me in my brothers wife eat like a full bottle of Chile on our noodles

  • The indome ive never heard of i think the marucahan are more popular

  • Pls do more episodes the game pls please

  • I love how she uses a fake name, her name is Kassie for your info

  • I love Ramen

  • I love the shin Ramyum I eat it all the time

  • I live in Vietnam

  • Where is my Maruchan with lemon and valentina?

  • I have celiac disease so I can’t have any of these 😞 I miss the instant noodles from before I was diagnosed sooo much

  • Me: Hmmmmmmmmmm... gotta impress my friends at dinner tonight... Me: *Puts on instant noodles with two egg slices, green onion, soup and melted cheese* My English friends: woAhhhhhh sO faNcyyyyyyyy

  • Me eating maruchan noodle cups 👁👄👁

  • We have indomi in egypt that's the only instant noodle here except for Kellogg's