Unbelievable Homeless Animal Rescue Transformations! 🐶 w/ Azzyland

Publicerades den 15 aug 2019
Kindness goes a long way in an animals life. In the past few weeks a lot of animal news has been making me sad so today Azzyland and I (Gloom) are looking at animals whose owners are heroes in our eyes. These before and afters are so amazing! Hope it makes you happy too!
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  • Kassie and Azzy if you ever come to Illinois and go to Chicago call New start Animal shelter and and I got my 6 month puppy Piper my family calls her Hyper Piper cause she’s crazy.

  • Yorkies and Chihuahuas are the best to sleep with they don't live for that long so my yorkie is named mickey and he is loved and so I sleep with him so he is so awesome so you guys who have ones or owned one comment on my speech and because dogs are born to love that is the first thing they learn so they can have a human and dogs should NOT live in a cage or ANY animals so if you guys are mentally sad or mad get a dog they are so happy for humans

  • Like and leave a comment if you love you pets 🥺💖

  • But you can give me a corgi or husky because I have did my search on them all so I WANT A SHELTER DOG I WANT TOO HELP THEM ALL!!!!! STOP DOG ABUSE!!!!!🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

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  • My dog is a bit like these dogs Found on the street in a box with her sisters after her owners chucked her out, half her tail had been chopped off, didn't trust humans because her owners probably treated her badly, especially cautious of men so we think her owner who treated her the worst was a man, she walked so shakily and slowly and cautiously, so skinny you could see her ribs, fur was tiny and looked disgusting, never went near us because she didn't trust us but then... We adopted her and loved her, we gave her new chew toys and doggy treats and dog jumpers and collars, we brought her on so many walks, we spent all our free time trying to make her love us And now she is happy and healthy and loves to run around and play with us, she isn't skinny anymore, fully trusts us, always cuddles with us on our beds or the sofa, even comes and watches movies with animals like the lion king with us which is so cute because she shows emotions when something happens to the animals e.g. a fight - perks her ears up and stands alert, a death scene - bows her head and whimpers slightly then cuddles us and goes really close to us, a happy scene - opens her mouth so it looks like she is smiling, a talking scene - sometimes barks in response etc Dogs are amazing 💕

  • why are you trying to make me cry no offence


  • My pet rabbit died the day after I got her. Her name was salvester . then we barred her. Weeks later I dig up the grave and her body wasn't there I asked my mom what happened and she said a bigger creacher ate her body

  • I own a little German Shepherd

  • Who found this vid in recommened ⬇ Also reply if u watching in 2020 💖

  • I know a thing or two about saving animals. I have a cat she's beautiful she is a ragdoll and when I found her she was outside all the time she is a beautiful Ragdoll kitten and it looks like no one was taking her in her feeding her cuz she is very thin and very very light sad go outside and sneak some cat food behind my grandma's back to feed her. And eventually I sent a picture to my mom via text and she said for your taking her in! I remember the night I took her in my house all she would do is per. And be happy.Even though that was two years ago I'll always remember it.

  • SHOULD BE "Trans-fur-mation!"

  • gloom: i love german shepherds! 1 year later in 2020 gets a GS puppy

  • My dog daisy was abused and we adopted her and now she is sooooooo happy now

  • Was anyone else sad when the video ended or was it just me?

  • AWW ADORABLE 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • 2 weeks i was looking for a dog and i live on the 70 floor of my apartment so i needed a lazy dog so when i was going to the store saw a puppy golden that lived in a box in a ally i kept going back to feed it knowing there very hypiper but one day i adopted him 😍 his name is cooper 3 years old now hes traded and he is my beast friend

  • I have a baby rabbit and I play other her very day because her mom died and she is brown and black

  • My dog jumped out a car window but the car was not going fast

  • My old dog was kicked out of a home with old people when my aunt I think found her and brought her home and gave her to my family she was with us till I was about 8 and on Halloween I went home to find out she had been out down, she never trusted my grandparents because of her old owners she amused all old people where bad, she later opened to my grandma my other grandmother and grandpa she never trusted one of them. Then not long (was it before or after? I think before) my grandpa died

  • I fill up my dogs food bowl all the way he's scared of it so he only eats it lil by lil

  • Ji

  • Our 1 year old dog Odin was living it rough on the streets before we adopted him, Here's the story: Me and my dad and sister were walking to my bus stop for school, when we see this beautiful dog, walking around without a collar, he looked really hungry, and we so happened to be having Hawaiian sweet rolls on the way to school, so we fed him the sweet rolls, the bus came and i went to school, my dad told me, when i got back, that the dog had followed us back home, we took care of him, because he was sick from eating junk and drinking gutter water, we went around our neighborhood, asking if the dog belonged to anyone, no one said the dog belonged to them, our next door neighbor said that he'd seen the dog walking around often, but he said no one had seemed to own him, so we adopted him, he got all his shots and we got him fixed, and now he's our Big Cuddle Bug of a dog, and we love him so much

  • Aww dookies

  • The dogs are Fluffy

  • *just notice that Azzy and Kassie assume every animal is a “he”*

  • Hehe

  • Hi😋

  • My bunny died but we named her Esther because we got her on Easter so we called her the Esther bunny

  • I have 2 bunnys❤❤

  • i got a kitty but he die and he was happy all the time we have to go and we spnn 100 dollar

  • 4:39 I have two rabbits, I didn't get them as a gift I wanted one of the rabbits like so bad and I got her and in like April someone lost their rabbit but no one claimed the rabbit as theirs so we got to keep him and I so thankful to have chip and Henry in my life

  • Hello I didn't know you love bunny so much I love bunnies to he's a black polish Rabbit and his name is fluffles he was born this year live in Canada and I live in Texas so and I've always wanted to go to Canada my neighbor's gone the Canada before and I've always wanted to go to Canada especially the CU I have this weird dream where you were in it but I I will do it in a different text I love you.

  • I have a bunny named gucci a dog named allie and a cat named chester

  • i feel so bad for animals but then people rescue them and it make me so happy i had tears in my eyes i wish i could just have all the dogs!! :D

  • Dog snazz factor: 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000 x 10

  • And this is y I have a horse of animal

  • I just got a bunny

  • Do you know what time dogs are the best boys take a guess The answer is world war one why basically a dog can sense gas from far away the Germans use chlorine gas and a bunch of other gas which is poisonous but the dogs can smell it one minute or two before it comes so the troops happened last time to put on the gas mask and yes there is a gas mask for the doggoOf course when gas was first introduced to war dog of course they would be killed or so

  • You forgot one thing 2020 man when azzy sees goats :REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE CUTE WOEJEJEHD)HDKDHEJEO

  • So sad 😭

  • I have 2 rabits

  • I had a German Shepard and a wrot voiller , they were the cutest

  • I have a dog i can she her spine but we keel feeding her dont wory

  • Me before vid:ok I guess I will watch it. Me after vid: I am going to cryyyyyyy I wav dogo🐶🐩🐕

  • I used to be like these dogs hurting alone feel like you can't go on but then I met enna and she is the best thing in my life I would be gone if it weren't for her so I can say from my past it may take awile but over time it will get better you just need a helping hand at times

  • I have a yorkie named piper and she is 3 years old I love her so much ❤️❤️❤️😄👍🏻

  • I sleep with my 100 pound dog who takes up a whole twin size bed...

  • Those people are so lucky and nice to have them

  • My dog backstory: I saw a white albino fluff walking she was RUFFled and we fixed her her name is mitch and i love so much i would suicid if she gets killed. Only if she gets killed tho Like for imortal doggos and forget what i said

  • When azzy said I have a cat I brought my cat here to watch this video with me

  • kassie: It may look like chocolate but don't eat it! Me: *looks at my coco puffs* Also me: I think I've lost my appetite..

  • I have a rabbit 🐰

  • My dog was under wait because she’s allergic to almost every everything but she’s ok now

  • The one hiding behind the pole to cute I kinda cried bc I WAnT IT

  • I would get all the dogs and cats all de pets but I never went to a pet store tho sad

  • Black dog that is looking fabulous must be so happy to have some

  • I have a bunny

  • my aunts dog was named bronco but he died please respond :(

  • I have a very happy rescue rabbit 🐇

  • my mom was like look at the eye colors they are different dogs! all i know i felt happy with thesse doggies

  • Tankeks Gloooom you made my day it veels like I brock my voot is so sor 😜😘😭

  • 2:45 the dog looks like dante from the movie cocoa but after he looks so amazing!!!

  • I have a dog I adopted

  • One thing most of the before dogs have in common is they are all wale eyeing

  • Haha I looked up picture of a German Shepard puppy and I nearly cried! Oh my heart!

  • I love them all and I would adopt them

  • the dog with the cut ears i almost cried ;w;

  • my dog, she likes to be pretty. She not one of those dogs where they eat a lot, but she is careful with her food (Also she's blind. 🙁) I found it funny, all of them were dogs exept one!

  • I'm pretty sure azzy's cat is a Russian blue


  • Anybody know the music at 1:42???

  • ........................................ Dogs. I’ve heard if you say they’re name three times you’ll get pinned? Alright let’s see. Gloom Gloom Gloom Did it work??

  • The overweight dog afterward looks like my dog that I put down

  • I sleep with my cat

  • I was not allowed to have dog.... But still i adopted a stray dog..... And he is my first ever dog.... I love him....

  • My dog, Kiki, is a rescue dog. She was beaten and left to die. We found her on the street looking so unsure of herself. I said to my mom we had to take her home. She said no and we took her to the SPCA. A few days later, we got a message from them saying they were going to put her down. I started to cry and i begged my mom to get her. She felt so bad for her so we rushed there and told them we wanted to adopt her. She is happy and healthy. Kiki is now 1 year old.

  • who's watching in 2020? Also, what's your favourite type of dog?? I lOVE ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • me im wacing 2020

  • I can’t believe that I’m watching so much dog vids when mine just passed away 😭

  • My pitbull has cropped ears but he's really sweet, but he's a puppy still so he forgets how to behave sometimes. Pitbulls are the best!

    • Hey! I love Pit bulls... And this will never change my opinion My mum told me my third auntie bled to death from two pit bulls she was 95 to be fair the pit bulls weren't trained and where breeding dogs that were kept in a cage. i just learned to be more cautious with any powerful dog I never met her either. if anyone is Maltese or has seen the Maltese news then you may know of this story, i didn't copy this and its true, if you don't believe me thats fine!

    • Awww my besties pit bull passed last night at only 5 months old this made me luang!

    • @Laymarie Rivera Sepulveda Same there the best! ❤️❤️


    • @Arshiya Sood Arya fair everyone has a dog they're most compatible with. Since Im a small person small dogs never liked me... And cuz I like well behaved dogs and small dogs don't completely cooperate with that. My dogs that I work the best with are Pit bulls, Saint Bernards, and Rottweilers since I go on adventures in the forest and they can protect me and stuff

  • Ap

  • My best friends dog actually smiles... like teeth and all. He pulls up his lips and shows his teeth. He also wags his tail in a circle... he’s a weird dog.

  • so cute

  • That brown puppy with black stripes is my doggy he is BRUNO

  • i found a dog on my way to school he was SUPER skinny and covered in fleas. he was standing in the middle of the road and clearly didn't know where he was going. we happened to have some cat food in the car from trying to save a cat (different story) and he was so desperate he got in!! he was shaking and it was sooooo sad!!!! I have wanted a dog since I was literally 3 my mom says that I would beg to pet every dog I saw and if I couldn't I would start crying!! anyway, as soon as he got in the car I knew his name (it's a weird thing that happens to me we have saved 3 cats plus him and i named almost all of them) so we named him Rookie or Rook. we took him to the vet and got him fixed and helped with the fleas. we figured out he was a 1-year-old black lab and all of his teeth had been broken out. he already knew how to sit-stay come and paw so we know he had an owner beforehand. we have had him for 1 year now and he is literally the sweetest thing in the world. I don't know if this is a black lab thing but he will gently put his mouth on your hand and lead you!!! he is now an 80-pound healthy happy doggo with many friends including our 4 cats!! sorry, this was so long but that's my dog glow up story!!

  • why no cats? >:(

  • “He looks like a new woman!” -Kassie, 2019

  • 5:54 that little doggy looked like he was at his zen(basically happiest/most loving time of your life.

  • Do You Know Who Is The Beautifullest Thing In The World Not You Because You Are Not A Thing

  • i have a german shepherd from the pound

  • 13:08 He looks like Scooby! 🥺💛 I love him!

  • You guys should watch Rocky kanaka he helps dogs

  • We don't put are dogos in cages cause lots of reasons they are to big they would break the cage and because we gave three of them

  • Doggies are the sweets of life, cats are the spice of life❤️

  • won you didit show the after i was sad but then won you showd the after i was so happy