I made juice with every type of apple 🍎

Publicerades den 24 apr 2020
Today I’m making squeezed apple juice with my barehands because I saw a kitchen hack about being able to do so if you thaw fresh apples from frozen. Why? I uh....
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  • I I'm ded

  • Where is the fuji apple 😂??


  • Where's braeburn

  • Am i the only one that vibes to tje intro and just keeps playing it back???just me

  • Those eYes tho?

  • This is very interesting to me cause am allergic to apples ;-;

  • Hey gloom I dare you to put all of the apple juice

  • apples: you still have not fought the 2,500 thousand left of us!

  • 2:26 Does anyone remember those pjs that kassie is wearing? Like if u do

  • who else is eating apples while watching this........

  • Who else laughed when she said 'YES THATS THE JUICE WE NEED'

  • She’s literally wearing the most expensive p-j’s she owns Which she bought in another video

  • Can you tell me which one was da best

  • This is the how many times she said *apple* Reply, not like Coz Im no Like Beggar 👇

  • I was drinking apple juice while watching this

  • just imagine one day scientists are going to watch this video and is like why didnt we do this in the first place!

  • All of them except granny smith and the yellow one look the same

  • Terry: mmmmm Cloudy apple juice Anyone remeber this channel?

  • (Kassie)apple (us)juice

  • Gloom I'm a Indian


  • I’ve never seen someone gag from something sweet...

  • Whahsahashshashasah

  • There’s over 2000 types of apples Also I hate apple juice

  • What are pizza pops?

  • Nice! Now make apple juice with the other 7,493 verities.

  • In America aren’t pink lady’s Fuji apples?

  • I am eating a apple 🍎

  • Gloom the kid face was so cuteeee

  • Kassie: She was born in New Zealand, which is from the states Me, a New Zealander: Yeah... we’re used to it

  • 8:57 king apple or Queen apple

  • Hey Kass! I have something you can do! I made this thing up myself try to compress baking soda and vinegar in one of those cylindrical beakers and make sure to keep the cap on tight until you get to a place you dont mind gelling messy and i swear the cap shoots at least 7 feet! it is like a friggin gun XD

  • Luna: *hears Honey crisp* YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS GIMME SOME KoI: 0-0

  • Me:eating an apple Kassie:squishing apples Me:eaww

  • 🍎🍏

  • Mate I'm Australian and I LOVE pink lady apples they a superior 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • I probably shouldn't wonder why Casey is coocoo

  • Honestly, my family just gets Fuji, don’t know why, just the most common apple


  • Me eating a red apple while watching this: O_O

  • why are they all cSHESS AA

  • 8:04 Imagine like playing this at your friends house without them knowing what was happening

  • Is sssnipperwolf in america????

  • Well I almost died from apple juice soooooooo I guess?

  • plot stwist: she took them at the adoption center and drink there blood

  • ngl at 8:16 that looked so wrong-

  • Hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL day!!! Love from a smalltime youtuber

  • Did you notice the moon man painting Kassie did is in the background

  • Kassie: what do you think of when cough cough im sick, mummy im thirsty Me: orange juice

  • Now make grape juice with every type of grape. There is this great kind called cotton candy grapes and juice out of that would be delicious 😋

  • Honey crisps were the first different apple in American stores besides from red delicious. And sweet tango was bred by the same people

  • Gloom is Best. 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • An Apple a day keeps the doctor away but more work for the. Dentist

  • I'm Aussie I always get pink lady there amazing

  • "If this is what apples can do when they work together, imagine what we could do." That's so beautifuuUul 😭🥺❤️

  • This was very entertaining for such a random video

  • Nah bruh lol golden delicious Is popular bc it’s naturally soft lol

  • How do you do, it's GLOOMY GLOO! Yes, I mean to say Gloomy Gloo.

  • 1:57 Kassie: talks all scientifically Me: huh? 😴

  • Kassie: When u think about your childhood, you think about APPLE JUICE Me: When I think about my childhood, I think of my mom chasing me around the house, smacking me with a cane

  • It’s pronounced Mac-intosh TwT A for Effort tho!! Edit: *Wait you live in Canada-*

  • I honestly didn’t know there was so many apples like I only knew of red apple, sour apple, golden apple, and crab apple 😐

  • 3:25 is the best part

  • All the names sound like it’s out of my little pony 😂

  • I make apple juice!!!

    • Next time try cutting the apple, squeeze the apple and let the slices sit out for like 5 minutes and then squeeze again and repeat like 2 more times. That's what I do.

  • She's talking about McDonald's and apple pies and I'm eating McDonald's

  • You haven't lived if you haven't tried of Jazz Apple

  • how many times did Kassie say popular apple ?

  • Gloom: " i just squirted all over your pants" Everyone else: "THATS WHAT SHE SAIDDDDD"

  • 🍎

  • I had to eat Granny Smith apples for 5years because I couldn’t eat any others

  • Umm did anyone else notice she never took the stickers off?

  • It's technically not all types of apples because there's lituarly 15,000 different types of apples which is insane if you really think about it! It should probably called 'Making apple juice with all the types of apples in the grocery shop ~' Or something like that. (Btw I love you kassie I love your videos 💖)

  • ummm there’s more than 4,000 types of apples. Hehhehe

  • I’m from the US and I hate the gala

  • MLP fans: mmmmmm Yesss....

  • Go the ozzys

  • Granny smith is one of my favorite apples because the other ones don't have much flavor. I got confused in school when my friends complained about how sour they are

  • "Ya like Jazz?" "Yeah, I do, it's my favourite type of apple!" *"hold up"*

  • Who's like me and likes pears 🍐 better

  • I still can’t believe that there are like 100’s of kinds of apples

  • Ummmm do not throw same at me but what is a pizza pop

  • Hunny crisp is my favorite kind of apple

  • Can you send me some.Give me your Instagram and I’ll send you my address

  • I'm drinking apple juice right now as lm watching this😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Some would say that that juice was cloudy...apples...

  • Comment down below your favourite apple mines a pink lady

  • Hi🤪

  • Nobody: Kassie: A P P L E

  • I have almost all the apples she has because I live on a farm

  • 🍎

  • Im eating a granny smith

  • Gloom:*uploads a video about apples* *Me eating Apple pie and drinking apple juice*:👁️👄👁️

  • me: "I don't think there will be enough juice out 9 apples 😕" Kassie: "I need to move it to a bigger container 😬"

  • ''If it's bright and yellow, you got juice there fella. If it's tangy and brown, you're in Cider Town.'' - Kassie 2020

  • kassie: lemme take you back to 1892... me: when my school was made?

  • Nobody: Literally nobody: Not even kassie: Me:GURL DONT TELL ME THOSE ARE THE 1,000 DOLLA PAJAMAS

  • I never drank apple juice tho- Only water

  • The gala Apple looks like a peach