I tried Fluid Art on my Nails

Publicerades den 16 maj 2020
I’m trying acrylic pour paint with a double measuring cup on a canvas than transferring it to my nails with a spoon in hopes we will have an oddly satisfying result. Wish Kartha luck!
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  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 I really like it ☺️

  • Best Friends are family

  • DID SHE SAY Silicon Ksjdjdjdbdjj jdhdhdidhdg mwosysvsbsgsvsgvsghsgsg!!

  • So what is your dog’s name going to be tomorrow? I’m thinking of Tom jerry

  • I Love them gloom so much

  • 10:57 yess she’s actually Canadian no way xD

  • I thought you said your name was kassie...

  • Hello I am 4 months late how are you

  • Shagedelic, baby

  • Am I the only one who keeps noticing that there are some bisexual flag colors in some painting vids.... I think I’m the only one

  • Bro idk how u other weebs Say "im gonna paint my nails black" i Say "ima do the Kaneki nails " i cant friking stop saying that dude

  • I like all the nails.

  • Okay but what is this dogs real name doe

  • Plot twist: gloom ate dinner with the spoon *that evening*

  • Kartha gewart needs to be patient and wait for the paint to dry then have that satisfying moment when she peels the paint away then puts it on her nail when its wet.

  • .

  • Am a boy and I never have steady hands I have tremors in my hands it's kinda like a mini seizure in my hands

  • The people who pressed thumbs down just accidentally pressed it cuz who whould not like Cassie she's sooooooo nice and inspiring

  • ok does anyone reliase how everybody kartha brings on here show looks kinda the same🤔🤨

  • Use a stamping plate.

  • Recycle reduce reuse?

  • To be honest I don’t really believe that she’s a tomboy, I think she’s more of a girly girl, in my opinion. 🤷‍♀️

  • I love it so so much 😍😍😍😀

  • Cartha said that Azzy was the only person that she sees but what about the camera man

  • 10:22 and she finally flips us off

  • Why u hv to hate on her nails

  • Oooo lobe the nails!!!!💅💅💅💅

  • Really casie you gonna get banned from youtube Lol I'm just kidding

  • u should use a thin layer of paint on a peace of paper then just print in onto the nail:)

  • I love this so so so so much!!!!!!!!

  • The nails are all so awesome. I wish she could do my nails😂

  • hi

  • kartha gewart is the best at painting love her art's.

  • You look an Asian Kardashian, but less Valley.

  • These comments are so boring

  • I actually really like that :D

  • Me: Sees her applying with spoon. Later applying with brush. Me: WhAt Is WrOnG wItH yOu!!!!!????

  • Your nails are so cool

  • I wanna try this but I’m so nervous and I might not have all the stuff for it 😩

  • If you want to see more fun challenges you can see SV Sis vs Sis.

  • It’s a beautiful look

  • If this was tik tok I would tag Melinda gates

  • kartha : a diy braindead way me : thats the way the karthafish do XD

  • Imagine going too her house, and shower her beautiful nails she painted, the beautiful canvas on the wall she painted, and gives you a drink that she made using a hack. Edit: Then you ask how she painted her nails, and she points to her canvas lol

  • Gloom i know this is not a painting video but you are a amazing painter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Simply Nailogical has entered the chat Simply Nailogical is typing...

  • Hey Gloom, whats ur fav color

  • I love your nails.

  • Hater: I hate you Kassie: 9:43

  • Everybodys comment: saying that youtube gave them a notification 5 mins late Me: *youtube gave me a notification 3 months late*

  • Kartha gewert”money money money” me”are you me.krabs????”🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Kassier: you know how on the top nails you want hot black and on the bottom you want hot pink? Me: whats hot black???

  • Hi

  • Wow can you do my nails like that. I love then. They look like galaxy nails with the black with it. They're super cool.

  • Kassie: Should I just dip my finger nail- Also Kassie: NO

  • me watching this so that i dont cry about my dead dog that was born on my birthday and i was born that day duh

  • Dose your dog shed hair

  • Malinda nis no not is twinky Malinda is twinky

  • "I'm gonna leave it because it's different." Kartha Gewart 2020

  • Terry: "makes a joke" Kassie: ☺☺☺

  • A like for everytime she said hey

  • i love the nails

  • That song “ooh la la ah we we” that Kartha was singing, my dad knows that and now I feel weird!😅

  • Why do u name your dog different names in each and every video!!!!

  • If you mix gold and silver together actually it looks really pretty

  • Wait is gloom’s name Kartha or Kassie ps love you vids

  • Is the dog a girl or boy

  • "She Thicc." Me: I love this Female, The Names She gives her dogs and Her Videos.

  • My nails: Bitten to the skin and ripped apart Her nails: natural and long

  • Cuticles protect your nails from getting infections and viruses', therefor it wouldn't be very smart to mess with them and or cut them off.

  • I think that Kartha Gewart should do fluid art on a phone case or notebook

  • It reminds me of a galaxy/ roller skate place with all the colors smeared and splattered on the floor. Very cool and orginial.😍👍👌💅

  • French tip girl

  • At #27 seconds my kassies face-

  • the spoon never let's you down on nails nor food

  • those nails are so cute. try it on shoes

  • You got engaged? When?

  • karTha i have a idea for you! trace ur hand on a paper then cut it out tape it on a campase(spelled wrong)then paint something over the campase and then remove the tape

  • If you like thin I do

  • Is your real name Kartha Gewart?

  • Was it just me or did i see a donut box under the painting

  • same nails

  • Love you girl

  • You should use a flying cup to paint your nails

  • Kassie if your reading this u say gorgeous waaaaaaaaaaay to much no offense. Ps love ur vids!!

  • Kartha be accidentally flipping ppl off

  • I’m from the future and.....

  • Cristine? Cristine with no h?

  • Did I just binge watch all the Kartha Gewart videos to see all the names the dog gets? Yes, yes I did

  • I like your nails

  • Kartha should get her nails done by Cristine from simply nailogical

  • Kassie: I finally did something right for once! Me: I’m afraid to ask what the worst thing you’ve done is Kassie: So I- Me: Idonwannaknow

  • Kartha: I’m engaged Me: yeah totally didn’t notice any rings on your finger

  • Kassie: You don’t have to give like back hand comments just because your nails are better than mine. Me: I has no nails

  • I'm so jealous of your nails in the end😍😍😍

  • Km

  • I love your videos

  • How come every vid her dog a different name

  • Nails and painting the both agree

  • I love them they turned out great