I tried the Tik Tok famous 1 egg cake

Publicerades den 25 apr 2020
I've been seeing this 1 egg cake everywhere, Tik Tok, SEnewss, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace, and so it's only natural that I want to try it. How can there be so many versions of bananas in a pan? Will I burn it? I-
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  • Does this women not own a spatula?

  • No one : ....... Monkeys. More bananas more more bananas

  • Editing is on flex

  • i love bananas tho who else like

  • Bro I sound like the krew rainbow or lunar-

  • I just saw a shop called egg and I got recommended by this..👁👄👁

  • Aww how adorable 😊

  • i use to eat 4 bananas a day

  • I eat 🍌

  • I think youre making maruya maruya is philipines dessert or something like dessert I think

  • 5:12 : i cant even....

  • Check out this 4352 hours long channel called 5 minute hacks

  • Banana. Gross. But bananas fried in Brown sugar IS AMAZING

  • its cups also loved the tinny pizza vid

  • but...but i like bananas

  • I don't know what is the dog's name is now because she ses the name deffrent in every video

  • Kassie basically saying you are weird if you like bananas Me: 😮 ☹️

  • You love custard I love bananas

  • All the banana lovers out there I'm sorry for you

  • I mean it's fine if you don't like bananas but why why you got to hurt bananas like that

  • But I love bananas

  • I might be mistaken but I don’t think you remembered to account for the weight of your measuring cup when you were measuring the ingredients on the scale. It’s an easy mistake to make if you aren’t used to measuring in weight

  • I like banana 😞

    • 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞

  • finally found someone who hates bananas as much as I do

  • I had the closed captions on and it said *karthik gewbera* like if she should change her name to that xDDDDD

  • Names for what she called for her dog. *Floot Lyne* *Twinkies* *Little Munchkin* *Assistant* *Dumbo* *Timmy* *Little Timmy*

  • Kartha Gewart needs her own food network tv show

  • I never really noticed u cooked while neeling down in ur living room 😂😂 honestly I would do the same 😂😂

  • Gloom : I hate bananas Me: one less sub for you

  • kartha: *peals banana up side down* me: WHAT?!

  • Me:i don’t see a sleeve

  • i love your vids

  • I do like banana

  • But i love bananas😢😢😢😢

  • Bananas - the fruit that goes from being green and inedible to soft and disgusting and inedible within one day

  • 0:42 Kartha is insane!

  • I feel bad for the people who think her real name is Kartha guwet and her dog is called floot Lyne

  • I-

  • Banana bamama balama bababma bnana nana banana nana banana Hannah banana 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌 "I'm bananas ;-;"

  • :3

  • What she was holding was not a banana it is a plantain.

  • Kartha: that’s the BIGGEST piece of eggshell Me: drops one half of the eggshell

  • 4:41 XD the close up of Floot Lyne .

  • kartha: "complaining about why ppl like bananas" the banana lovers: 👁👄👁

  • I like bananas... Also, I can’t really eat apple peels because I always choke when I eat it.

  • u ofended meh UnU i love bananas

  • I don't know about ya'll but I hate bananas they taste weird to me

  • Life hack to cut da banana faster... Banana cutter :>

  • Meh: Eating a banana while watching. Kartha guwert:WHO EATS BANANAS Me: ;-; Btw not hating..

  • ...I love bananas

  • loll did you change the dogs name again?

  • Kassie: imagine anyone going num num num I love bananas. Gross Me: Well guess what I am that person that loves bananas I eat them everyday

  • I am sad that the people that at new to the channel, thinks this is a cooking channel

  • This is the first time that she didn't spoke her dogssss name 😭💀

  • Can you please make a video of you making the candy, ice cream and cotton candy burrito please!!!


  • Kartha: Why would anyone eat a banana? Me: FINALLY SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS!!!!

  • Am I the only one who noticed she opened the bananas upside down

  • Bananas are my favorite fruit but I love apples too

  • What is your real name?

  • You have alot of dog Kartha

  • Is Kassy left handed? Please reply (someone)

    • Yep she is :-)

  • Kartha I love banana's❤️🍌 🐔?

  • The bananas were hard to open bc they weren't ripe enough

  • I love your videos because you make my day

  • You did not put 1cup of milk

  • RUDE!!!

  • Kartha: “lucky for us there is a lot of sugar in this recipe” Also kartha: “apart from the top here there is really no sugar in this”

  • I’m actually surprised so many people hate bananas/don’t like bananas-

  • I don’t know what to do about my life and my

  • Hey I love bananas not like you😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Me to 4:43

  • 💝👄💝

  • Kartha, clean your floor nobody wants to see your switch on the ground.

  • I love my bana and now I hate you

  • Rude I love love 💓🤩❤️😍😍😍🥰 BANANAS YOU ARE

  • i eat bannananas

  • 0:42 Made me laugh

  • You should do cloud bread ☁️🍞

  • I love Kartha Gewart segments

  • hey, i love bananas

  • skip to this part if you want to see the cake done 10:22

  • Why do you peal the banana 🍌,from the other side GLOOM.... Litrellty only you peal it like that

  • you know what kassie should have a cooking show

  • But love banana

  • Anyone see how her vegetable oil bottle looked like a cleaning supply bottle


  • Girtrude guwart is kassies mom

  • Bannanas Are Discusting: Gloom : I Love Bannanas :( : Me

  • the only one who eats bananas is my hamster, and im pretty sure she doesnt even know what a banana is yet.


  • I hate bananas too

  • Cause bananas are yummy

  • You got a new subscriber!!!! :-D

  • I luv banana u made sad

  • I HATE bananas

  • I thought gloom was gonna make tostones - im not disappointed, just... GLOOMY (sry i had 2)

  • I love bananas the are best

  • While I was watching this I was eating a banana lol 😂

  • Kartha has soo many shows that she doesn’t know any of their names. Lol