dating someone famous sucks

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I'm dating an athlete and I wanted to surprise him at home but instead I found him with two other girls. I tried to stay calm but well, this is a gone wrong situation. Welcome to Episode's "Not Your Ex" part 1.
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  • Gloom you shut up listen to him his side of the story instead of taking him to the curb because I wouldn’t do that if I had a boyfriend I would listen to his side of the story and I was it see if he got it he had too many drinks or if you didn’t if you didn’t have too many drinks then I will cut kick him to the curb or if he didn’t have any hot girls and he said that I don’t have a girlfriend but that’s not what you do you have to listen to someone’s side of the story first and then I’m done if someone side of the story is not true then you kick down your door then you say get out or whatever but you don’t do that you have to listen someone’s side of the story.

    • chill, its not that serious

  • Im sad that she didn't continue this one 😔

  • sMeLLs LiKe DrAmA

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  • Gloom:do you smell that Terry :I don't know you we're cooking so you probably check

  • When your fiancé makes a SEnewss video about her dating other men

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  • The people that disliked this video are dumb

  • I hate this video I like Seth in the game not you

  • Oh my goodness!!! Kassie u have the most stunning 😍 engagement ring 💍

  • What's the game name

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  • whats the game called??????????

  • I like how he says I mEt A lAdY iN tHe eLeVaToR tOdAy-

  • 0:27

  • I love ❤️ it

  • Is there another LOL I need to see the next episode

  • I love you Yourrrrrrr hair

  • Yes it is dont start now it is NOT *DONT STOP NOW* . sorry


  • this is a wild comment in its natural habit how do you interact

  • My bff made me sign a contract to be bffs with her for 12 years and i signed it and i made her sign one to XD

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  • no hate on gloom but-ever ha of blocking seth?

  • GLLLLOOOOOMMM! Were is the part 2? Loved this episode keep watching over and over! :)


  • Is there a part 2 please make a part 2 of this story💜

  • Nobody: Me: 16:47 that's not the right way to put on a watch-

  • still...waiting for part 2

  • I don't think you should go because, wouldn't that just make you as bad as seth? well not AS bad but you know what i mean.

  • Lol why does gloom’s character have big ibrows

  • Yep

  • AHHHHHHHHHHH Me missing this line: happy day im glOoOooOm.

  • pleaseee do another oneee

  • I am a big fan of you Gloom

  • Gloom ur hilarious

  • Has anyone seen the show "New Girl" because the beginning of this is exactly like that show

  • Hahahahahahahahahhahak

  • Shes so mad

  • Terence sounds like the grown up colour of purple

  • Isn’t ken the boy Karen?

  • Kassie: EGNO DUA LIPA

  • Yess gloom

  • What's the name of this story?

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  • What was the name of this episode

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  • Bruh it’s called don’t start now

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  • have a kid

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  • Hi there I’m going back to Detroit

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  • gloom

  • Whats the epsode story name


  • What game is this?

  • What game is that

  • İ feel pretty bad for the boy :(


  • I sherd you and told all my friends about you

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  • Srry couldn’t help myself


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  • I are so weird

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  • Gloom the song is don’t start now

  • :Seth I told you I don’t know how they got there. I don’t have any memory of that night :gloom what’s that girl

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  • 4:23 *Willa will remember that* 6:10 I did Ballet classes for 1 year and Jazz classes for 2 years, and that is exactly how I dance

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  • Its don't start now

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