I got THICC Max Level redemption in Bounce Big

Publicerades den 8 apr 2021
I tried Bounce Big, I failed miserably once you guys informed me how to actually get to the podium. Today we are getting to the podium with honours. It's going to be a gameplay experience of the ages.
Watch the first one: senewss.info/slow/iJfUlbmdqa6xpcQ/video
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  • You can push the people at the end then you can win please

  • I got to the end thick once

  • Yassss

  • ya then you will make it to the end dont lose thickness tell the end

  • You can get thicc on the podium, cuz I did it

  • Hi gloom i have the game bounce big

  • I'm not THICC😭😭😢

  • P

  • The way she would have sworn if she had played this four years ago😂

  • the thick mode is the highest

  • U did it yayyy!!!!

  • kassie: terry come celabrate anjing: what are we doing can I join

  • Respect to the xsmall girls

  • Actually I got thick

  • I love it 💖

  • When she was glitching she looked like She trying to do down-word-dog

  • Go fast

  • I tried this and I finished Thicc on the podieum

  • It is not impossible just very hard but I finally got thicc on the podium 🤭

  • What is the name of the game i want to play it

  • You have the cutest dog in the world

  • Gloom u do know u have to hit the other humans to get thiker so u can get to the platform right

  • I'm the new update is that you don't have to run through those little things anymore is that you just have to dodge obstacles also I gotten thick up there a bunch of times

  • I didnt even notice it was another video, I was watching her first part of this LOL

  • 😑

  • I know how to get to the tower thing u have to hit them

  • gloom:*doesnt get really thicc when she gets there* me:*does it first try*

  • guys remember 60 seconds that was a vibe just saying

  • Hi gloom I played it and I got thicc not xxlarge

  • Them: Having a party because of the win Me: Having a party because of her adorable outfit Like if true

  • i love your vids and i play that game

  • Dog attempt the chomp

  • Kassie you can get to the podium and be thic

  • I was thicc until the end! And you said it couldn't be done.

  • I finished in thicc mode

  • Bounce big has a new update

  • Yes

  • Your top and cardigan is soooooo cuteeeeee!!!

  • I think the last video playing this you were kind of not great but I hope you’ll be great this time

  • You can kick the people at the end to be more thick

  • Why is the thumbnail this youtube broken orrr at the start it was thumbnaul thumbnail idk e a

  • The first time you played bounce big when your at the end the npcs said push on the npcs


  • Kassie: **Finally wins then celebrates** Doggo: *wut is we celibraton peeps?*


  • 2:12 is that "We like to party" song i hear?

  • May i steal that shirt please 👁👁

  • 2:34 she rickrolled us

  • Oh man Cassey a boss

  • *But I got both cream eggs* *Uh-* *Ok that's kinda gross anYwAys*

  • Yesss

  • Gloom I miss girl geuinus

  • just look and play (me) don't loo stop ) i'm so mad

  • After xxlarg There's thick after thick you win

  • Gloom you can't make it with thick I tried it doesn't work

  • I love how anjing (sorry if I spelled it wrong) just celebrates with kassie

  • Did gloom just rick roll us???

  • She is so funny

  • You can win by being.xsmall i did it before and it worked

  • I feel bad for her because she has to carry all that boodie

  • No-one

  • Hi I'm Ameila with a E

  • i love your dog

  • In the first episode she wanted to get to the dance studio but when she even made it she wanted to reach to the dance studio when she thick


  • I'm happy you made it gloom

  • I what you games I'm 9😃😊😉

  • Anyone else think if Cassie had kids she would be the kind of parent who celebrates like she did at 2:13

  • Girl you on fire!

  • Go go go I am cheering for you!


  • i love iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit yaaaaaaaaaaa you wan

  • Do you know how to enter?(:😕 Terry:Are you thick yet?😔 Gloom:Ummmmm what bib you said!!😤

  • "This isn't me cosplay"

  • you:has many many subs me:has 16 and confused has heck😲😲

  • do you play fnf just to make sure and also beep

  • "Level 34? I don't even know who that is" 5 seconds later "OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

  • you did it yay!

  • When you get to the people you have to push them to get to the end

  • Ok so.... I downloaded this game after watching this video a bunch of times and on LEVEL 2 I got the the very end in XXL so why was it so hard for Kassie?

  • No thic is the highest you can do


  • Cassie: "we are walking out of here THICC!"

  • Is anyone else concerned that a grown adult is playing this game?

  • Xxlarge is the almost the last but thick is the last

  • You have to get to xsmall when you reach the end because the wight of the ..... is hevy thats why she is always tried

  • What is the name of this game??????

  • You have to end as a extra small

  • Your cute dog said yaay

  • I got an advert and on the side a girl twerking I think kassie got her dream job lol 😆

  • I wonder how long she played that game

  • 2nd times a charm?

  • Igabrille🍜🤩❤🙆‍♀️🙇‍♀️🧘‍♀️👪😡🧡💛💚🧡💛💚🧡💛💚🧡💛💚

  • Please can you do a episode video 👇🤗 If you agree

  • Only ogs will remember Judy BigBooty

  • Don’t chixx yourself

  • Game ?????

  • wow nice dance party

  • This game should be named Kim k