I ruined a Reality Show with the WORST answers possible... again

Publicerades den 23 jul 2020
I've been making so many good decisions I want to go back to basics, join Episode's Love on Fire house and alienate myself from everyone there by being as lazy and shy as possible. This is part 2!
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  • what is this game

  • Oml!

  • I love how she was singing thank you next completely wrong lol 😂

  • Am I the only getting triggered when Kassie picks the worst decisions ever but then I look back and say “Well I would have to pick the same things bc ain’t nobody got time to pay for gems” Just me ok 😬

  • Gloom the boy is the love on fire creator

  • I just finished love on fire

  • Kassie:I feel so bad for will.... Me: you have harder disions later your gonna send more people home later ;)

  • I’m doing that one xd

  • What is the name episode I have it

  • that was on the beach

  • i played that game but instead of a guy it was a girl

  • Jeez this max guys IS creepy.... "I can't stop looking at your lips" "Wear this dress. It's like i'm still with you even if i'm not" "I want to spend every second i can with you" :OOOOO

  • The fact that she wants to make the WORST choices as possible but she keeps getting gems 😂

  • I love it 😻

  • I am litterly laphing while I sleep! I love your shows

  • Grosse but funny

  • Im i the only one who truly appreciated the different voices 😂

  • :D :D :D :D :D :D amazing grace

  • Plz Do an episode where u do the best things POSSIBLE!

  • She makes it so real Iike it is actually happening in real life

  • Her face at 4:06 😜

  • gloom gloom gloom

  • What game is that

  • I 💘 her different voices sssooo much Keep it up ur amazingg😍😘

  • Please talk to me Gloom

  • Glooms Henri voice😂

  • These voices😹😹😹 I cant

  • I'm almost done with this

  • Buy gems

  • We are going on a trip on our favorite pan-dem-mic zooming though the fright little death mites

  • Gloom is so funny when she make a voice😂😂😂😂

  • That singing though-

  • When is the next episode coming out!

  • i played love on fire its an alright game

  • love this

  • I love how gloom only picks the bad ones but let’s be honest it’s what I would have done to 😂😂😂

  • gloom/lets edit it so no one will no how much likes i got off this video.

  • WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You should play this with AZZY LAND

  • To me this is hilarious.

  • Ari!!!

  • whats the game called

  • you are so preety

  • Please don't pick cade I was in love with him when I played love on fire

  • Do playback 2

  • When I played I got a girl not that guy (I was playing as girl???) I'm confused now.

  • I was watching this so I could see what would happen if I chose the diamond option, but then she didn’t cross any

  • I remember playing this and Henri was mine as well, and I loved his characteristics so much I cried when u realized he wasn’t real

  • Gloom: ooh the love on fire game Game:Choose him Gloom:lemme think... DITCH THEM ALL TEEHEEHEEE

  • What is the game called

  • Hihi

  • Haha🍬🍭🎂🍨🍡🥚🍳🦄🦋🐼🐻🌈

  • Gloom:lets play love on fire Me:I've already finished it but ok

  • I played the same episode and the same thing happened to me😅

  • Wat HUH

  • Wanna hear some exciting news? _spoiler alert_ *Don't press read more if you don't want to see* Isadora was jealous of you she's rich and she wants to help you win you can help your relationship with her and fix things

  • Yes finally I have been waiting for gloom to play love on fire yasssss

  • What is this app?

  • I have this game and the guy declined at the start I was his girl friend

  • Continue continue continue

  • Also 3:13 was funny

  • 3:04 she stared to sing that was funny


  • Gloom: I'm your cheerleader blah blah blah

  • Gloom: fine

  • Comment you fav color or you least fav food

  • What is the game name ??

  • Why does Max make me think of Little Finger from ‘Game Of Thrones’?

  • you have to finish this!!!!!!!

  • pls make a live stream

  • I love you gloom, plz plz give me a shout out, My name is Maddy plz plz plz

  • Hi

  • When She said there’s apart of me that’s just PISTED of I laughed my head of 😂😂

  • MORE!!

  • 3:04 You’re welcome

  • I love watching these 😂😂😂 When I played this, I ended up with Cade lol

  • Instead of max I had A girl called Camila

  • the voices she makes thugh

  • What is this game called

  • female henry idk but it sounds funnny XD

  • What’s the games name though?!

  • Pls tell me what game this is

  • Hi hi

  • make a nother one

  • Last time I played love on fire I won with will I got a proposal from him

  • Do one where you only pick naughty 😡

  • Loser

  • When she started having a duet with herself lol I chocked on air!!

  • Chloe but... the C and the L is silence

  • I played this game and I married will

  • Are you Azzie or sssniperwolf

  • Edited this so nobody will know why I got so many likes 😈Edited this so nobody will know why I got so many likes 😈Edited this so nobody will know why I got so many likes 😈Edited this so nobody will know why I got so many likes 😈Edited this so nobody will know why I got so many likes 😈Edited this so nobody will know why I got so many likes 😈

  • what is the name of the game

  • Glams a savage she flirts with guys then eliminates she just uses them to vote for her

  • I have this exact same app and I played the exact same game are played and I went to the Bahamas to in the game and met Chloe and all the other ones

  • More

  • Bruh

  • If you’re reading this then you have to like. Xd

  • What is this game called

  • This !!! LOVE ON FIRE 🥺 took all my Diamonds 💎