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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I do variety gaming, livestreams, reviews, playthroughs, commentary, sketches, challenges, Q\u0026As, and whatever else comes to mind. Let's explore virtual worlds and have some laughs!

I do my best to upload at least three times a week unless my life is a mess.

I'm also on Twitter and Instagram @GloomyKassie :)
and TikTok @gloomdog


15:36I tried an EXPERT level Food Art Bento
11:31I’m trying to trust the process...
I’m trying to trust the process...visningar 880tn12 timmar sedan
15:43Trying the most popular candy on the internet
Trying the most popular candy on the internetvisningar 939tn12 timmar sedan
13:11Tik Toks that are like a warm hug
Tik Toks that are like a warm hugvisningar 858tn12 timmar sedan
11:34try to crawl your way out of this one
9:53oh girl... shouldn’t have done that
9:59I feel wrong watching this
I feel wrong watching thisvisningar 1,2mn7 dagar sedan
16:21Kids are weird
Kids are weirdvisningar 1,2mn7 dagar sedan
15:04I laughed but are you ok?
I laughed but are you ok?visningar 1,6mn7 dagar sedan
10:21Noob vs MAX Level in Girls Attack
Noob vs MAX Level in Girls Attackvisningar 1,2mn7 dagar sedan
12:18oddly satisfying but you can touch it
oddly satisfying but you can touch itvisningar 1,4mn7 dagar sedan
10:25Noob vs MAX Level in Bridal Rush
Noob vs MAX Level in Bridal Rushvisningar 1,5mn7 dagar sedan
10:20Creative vs DUMB Mask Ideas 😷
Creative vs DUMB Mask Ideas 😷visningar 1,2mn14 dagar sedan
10:08Please don’t put your finger in that
Please don’t put your finger in thatvisningar 1,7mn14 dagar sedan
10:22Noob vs MAX LEVEL in Makeover Run
Noob vs MAX LEVEL in Makeover Runvisningar 2mn14 dagar sedan
11:45You like my dress? Gee thanks, just made it
You like my dress? Gee thanks, just made itvisningar 1,8mn14 dagar sedan
15:09oddly satisfying but make it exciting
oddly satisfying but make it excitingvisningar 1,6mn14 dagar sedan
10:05Noob vs MAX LEVEL in Hair Challenge
Noob vs MAX LEVEL in Hair Challengevisningar 3,1mn14 dagar sedan
19:42Don’t get a snack at 4am 🍔
Don’t get a snack at 4am 🍔visningar 1,5mn21 dag sedan
12:14Saying a dumb lie to your friends face
Saying a dumb lie to your friends facevisningar 972tn21 dag sedan
13:36Tasting a fruit that grew up listening to music
10:03Prepare to no longer be dirty
Prepare to no longer be dirtyvisningar 1,3mn21 dag sedan
1:36:46I’m still mad about this high school breakup
10:00Noob vs MAX LEVEL in Muscle Rush
Noob vs MAX LEVEL in Muscle Rushvisningar 1,1mn21 dag sedan
12:38people dying inside
people dying insidevisningar 1,1mn28 dagar sedan
10:00Noob vs MAX LEVEL in High Heels
Noob vs MAX LEVEL in High Heelsvisningar 2,3mn28 dagar sedan


  • 🌪️🌀🌰🥦🧂🥛🍾🥄🧭🛢️⛵🛸🕍🎡🎛️🎙️📻🎧🎤📸📷📺📼📹📽️🎥🎞️🎬📢🥍⚽🥌🎲🃏👾🕹️💿📀💽🖨️⛑️🧰🧲🧯📏📐📚💈💣📜⚔️🛡️🗝️

  • Dude, we have that melon all the time sooooo EXPOSED

  • I love how kassie does the kiss thing perfectly

  • 9:40

  • Gloom:WHICH WE DON'T HAVE IN CANADA! Me:oh 🤔 wait did you live there?

  • It’s wayyy to small

  • I'm inspired to work out now cause I want to be my body's version of Kassie

  • Why do u do fake

  • You don’t like cutting but I like killing and stabbing and cutting people up to sell them on the black market as an eleven year old girl 🤫 I mean what ummm 😟

  • Kartha was trying new food and so was I

  • the melon there yeah um in the place i live they r $5 at most and they r conisiderd a normal fruit

  • Listen. Bananas taste sweeter when there are some black on it

  • The small defense temporally own because pisces neurobiologically flow notwithstanding a perpetual celsius. lumpy, attractive dogsled

  • im from sg and i am happy that we went from a place where nobody knew to a place that somebody as big as kassie knows

  • @Gloom can you try some indian food Or cuisines?

  • 7:13 kassie: it's so cute me: ur so right

  • "It's not perfect but, Its a something" -Gloom, 2021

  • Hai gloom ❤ from India 🇮🇳

  • Hi Lov you

  • My mouth is watering- I kinda want one cause im really jealous here- ;-;

  • Yaaas Gloom I see u tik toks and u are tik tok masterrrrrrr

  • Anjing is like a boyfriend in his girlfriend's yt video 😂😂😂 Just sitting and staring at the camera sometimes making expressions 😂

  • I’m olssow 😳😳😳😰

  • Not one hour of sleep 😴😴😴

  • If your a kid awnser this question 100 divided by 0 is the question

  • Can you do this again pls?

  • Do someone remember daikon - senpai aka daikon legs

  • Some of them are from India 😱 By the way love from India 🇮🇳

  • At the hack with sticky hairspray legs assuming be girlfriend in fnf

  • I like how kartha took 1 min for the mocha

  • Kartha-Everyone loves ice cream, it’s just so yumm!! Me-.....I hate ice makes me sick.... :l


  • Can u try Indian food too please

  • Who knows what the "salty" leaf is actually called

  • I don‘t like where I like blue because it’s my favorite fruit

  • Some random person: you don’t seem Asian? Gloom: how bou’t now? 😏🥢

  • What game is thisss

  • Watching the start of this in slow mo or sped up is HILARIOUS 🤣

  • 18:21 lol thats me to my lil cousins

  • I can do the 2nd at the same time

  • Sorry if this is bad to ask but where is the other pup ( he has had so many names idk his real name )

  • Kassie: I have a feeling he ate my popcorn ball me: What's a popcorn ball??

  • But the older I get the more exited I get older”, Me:that easy?...h-how?..SENSEI TEACH MEE

  • what is the game? i wanna play it

  • I actually have a figet cube its very helpful and keeps me out of my Own head

  • The teacher did the best thing to the 2 kids who were fighting!

  • That a fish

  • liz is an a youtuber

  • Fingers and the push pop is actually a pop it

  • i hate seafood. i hate fish and i refuse to eat it but I really want some like?

  • It's piping hip oh come on

  • Me at 3 am be like 20:15

  • 11:34 got me wheezing

  • Is it just me or did anyone else see a caterpillar looking thing

  • I just hope there is a fenec cuz they are my fav

  • Girl can you speak Indonesia

  • それはとても良さそうだ

  • 4 months later I'm still crying watching this video

  • Its not a star its a flower i think

  • they forgot in the sandwich meat loaf

  • Isn’t the crème caramel called flan?

  • i feel like ur bf is jeaules rn

  • Did anyone notice that kassie didn’t say “happy day i’m gloom!” Anyone?

  • Who else eats north American trash fruit for breakfast ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ✨

  • Yes.

  • The whole video ~mmmmmm~

  • hi gloom i am a big fan

  • boi he be lookin like aoba before he lost his memory

  • do you watch anime bcause i do

  • Riknroi iuxqzxok 610 app Gs730


  • Actually for pizza parties we had 4 groups in our school from year 1 to 6 it was blue, green, red, and yellow. they had like animals for the colors like I was an eagle (blue) and we had different colored uniforms sometimes according to ur group. (If u had an older sis or bro ur colors r the same btw) So we had house points and at the end of the year the house with the most points got a pizza party and the teachers WOULD BE LIKE THAT. but thankfully we mostly won before I moved. :) storytime?


  • Bloop

  • I love ur vids

  • I dare you to react to equestrian (horse) tiktoks

  • Hahahahahahahahahahah

  • I am so hungry nowwww!!!!!!!!!!

  • Are we like live live?

  • where did you get the gummy doughnuts