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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I do variety gaming, livestreams, reviews, playthroughs, commentary, sketches, challenges, Q\u0026As, and whatever else comes to mind. Let's explore virtual worlds and have some laughs!

I do my best to upload at least three times a week unless my life is a mess.

I'm also on Twitter and Instagram @GloomyKassie :)
and TikTok @gloomdog


13:14The Most DRAMATIC Tik Tok Trend EVER
The Most DRAMATIC Tik Tok Trend EVERvisningar 335tn2 dagar sedan
17:33dirty things I did for money
dirty things I did for moneyvisningar 474tnDag sedan
11:44I Tried Lady Gaga Mystery Oreo DORA CAKES!
I Tried Lady Gaga Mystery Oreo DORA CAKES!visningar 856tn2 dagar sedan
10:58Genius DIY Hacks to Save Time ⏰ and Money 💰
12:10Trying Dumb Tik Tok Trend Filters
Trying Dumb Tik Tok Trend Filtersvisningar 977tn8 dagar sedan
11:54I thought I was cool, but it's childhood regrets
23:41How Cool Kids Confessed Love in 2005
How Cool Kids Confessed Love in 2005visningar 805tn8 dagar sedan
13:18kids can't be normal
kids can't be normalvisningar 1,8mn
13:22Warning: Do NOT Join OnlyFans
9:38Trying Funny Tik Tok Trend Filters
Trying Funny Tik Tok Trend Filtersvisningar 1,4mnMånad sedan
13:56I Tried Visually Amazing Food Tik Toks 🧁
12:50I Tested Hacks To Be Popular at School
I Tested Hacks To Be Popular at Schoolvisningar 1,3mnMånad sedan
12:39My Baby Tries To Make LaurenzSide Adopt Me
8:13Roblox Omegle vs Normal IRL Omegle
Roblox Omegle vs Normal IRL Omeglevisningar 665tnMånad sedan
19:11I found "EXPOSED Tik Tok" and it's Amazing


  • I did this thing and at the end ended up with cassie

  • i saw the first and third won on tik tok

  • Kassie eating* Naigbours:there are some unholy noises in your house...

  • Okay, stop pranking azzy with cakes, we all know how obsessed she is with “DeLicIoS” food

  • I want Kassie to finish this series ...I love her doing these serieses.....I absoulately love her making videos on Episodes..

  • Btw my mom said ty (thanks) for calling her strong

  • Don’t use a lot of candy spray it will make you sick

  • its been a year-

  • I always come up with "wise" things that I just randomly think of, and my mom is like "you're such an old soul" and on one side I'm like "are you calling me old? you're 4 times older than me! I'm at the height of my youth!" and on the other side I'm just thinking about my 20+ stuffed animals.

  • Wow

  • 👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶🙂👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶😇😇😇😇👿👿👿😇😇😇😇😇👿👿😇👿👿😇👿👿😇😇👿😇👿👿👿👿👿😇👿👿😇😇👿😇😇👿😇😇😇😇👿😇😇👿😇😇😇😇👿😇😇👿😶😈😶👿😈👿😇😈😋😕😷😠😵😕😯😱😡😓😖😬😋📀💽🎇🎒🎒📀🎄🎇💾🎇📀🎒🎄💽💾💽🎄🎇💽🎒💝🎇🎋💾💿🎍🎊🎋🎄🎃💝🎥🎇🎓📀🔮🎃🎓📀💝🎃🔮🎆📀🎃💾📀💝👻💝💽👻💽📀💾📀🎒👻🎅📀🎇📀👻🎒🎅🎇

  • I’m binging all of gloom’s other episode videos now😂

  • Gloom being a guy:i own you. Me:who said you owned me, HM?

  • I all ready watched both of the videos

  • WiNg timeEeE!

  • My cats name is jubilee

  • I am half to half

  • Her hair low-key giving me Katniss vibes 👀

  • This hits differently after about a month ago.... :(

  • What is the game?

  • I’m in the middle of labour right now. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • who watching this in 2021 :(

  • Do another live Among Us video please

  • 9

  • Nobody : Gloom : HOBBAGOBBAGOGADOBBA The Spider : What you doing Leme just chase her

  • 1:40 that’s what she sai- wait what

  • I like fish

  • Realize how her necklace is Arabic

  • TERY

  • Please make more of these videos. With azzy

  • I love how she starts her videos! So confident!

  • I mean ;w; I don't wear make up because I can't AND because I don't want to... It just makes me want to rub my face for 5 minutes and I'll get all smudged... Lipstick makes me want to lick my lips, just anything in my face makes me want to remove it. But I can't put make up on either so its probably just because im not used to it...

  • 7:40 what the ahhhh

  • Round ✨102✨💀

  • What that's written on Gloom's pendant?

  • More more more more more

  • Her necklace is in Arabic! And it says kassie I’m Arabian and part American and a little bit of French


  • At about 10 min with the falling that happens to me and I legit dislocated a joint in my back

  • I have no self confidence and I have anxiety so thats why whenever I have the wrong food I don't say anything. xD ;-;

  • I really want to see what her neckless says please

  • /=£"( 👀 👃 👄

  • In Spanish, verde is pronounced as Ber- deh

  • Dees is deep

  • i love it Kartha its really nice I cant even do a small cup

  • What game is this

  • I’m wearing lipstick and I’m drinking water with a straw

  • Im up at 2 trying feel better because im sad tired and bored someone send help

  • Girl your hitting a youtubers baby sister his name is h20 delirious

  • Twinkly died rlly 😥😥

  • that poor cat

  • Gloom I thaught this was family friendly I’m so sad

  • Kassie your wearing a Neckless with your name in Arabic . are you Arab or I can be wrong

    • ok

    • She's Indonesian (I think?), A quarter Chinese and the other half is Canadian

  • O

  • ngl megan is being really rude like dude it’s just a colour ur being so unkind for no apparent reason, it’s just quite mean and i don’t like it because shes normally a nice person 😕

  • 7:36 OMFG it says Zside films

  • . Hi😂😂😂

  • This video was so funny

  • 01:49 I just finished the twilight books so this is very meaningful to me

  • Hi i love you vids

  • I kept laughing one stop

  • 3:56

  • But the ayesabasyion guy is frinkin cute

  • The eating sounds make me think that Kassie should play some minecraft

  • Kassies. Necklace is in Arabic . Is she arabian?

  • If terry had a channel id sub

  • you said a generation that doesn't jugde things Meet my generation, generation alpha

  • I love when she does episode it’s so funny then terry doesn’t even care what she is doing on it

  • I am from India

  • I was born in the 2010 ns and none of that was there

  • If anyone is wondering with Megan was annoyed here is the reason: she is just a big joker, she "falls" out with friends in Among Us games but doesn't actually. She was just joking to Kassie.

  • 4:41 and I was eating fast food


  • (06:43) 28 students At my school we had 18- (Not a private school)

  • Your dog is cuteeee

  • 1:36 Can we talk about how horrible this person is (not the kid obviously)

  • Gloom: is it supposed to hurt? Lauren: I think so

  • Kassie picked up the camera and chose Violence

  • 4:27 "I just wanna get out of here"

  • Lol